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Islamic Olympians

Posted in 2016 Olympics, Humor, Religion on August 11th, 2016

Islamic Olympians

As we can see, the growing number of Muslims not hiding their Islamic while engaging in sporting events has radically and fundamentally changed Olympic competitions. 😉

Step Aside, Cracka!

Posted in 2016 Olympics, Society on August 9th, 2016

In the likely case that you didn’t hear about it, one of CNN’s pet “African-American,” W. Kamau Bell really didn’t want Michael Phelps to hold the American flag during the 2016 Summer Olympics’ opening ceremonies because he’s a White Man and, hence, assumed to be nominally Christian. No, W. Kamau Bell nigh on demanded, though couched in positive and condescending language, that the honor go to the Muslim hajibi Negress, Ibtihaj Muhammad. According to Bell the last thing that America needs is another “tall, successful, rich white guys hogging the spotlight trying to make America great.”

As is almost always the case, neither merit nor the will of the people – Mr. Phelps was voted to carry our flag by his peers – matter to the ever angry, angsty, and covetous Blacks that infect our nation. With them it’s always “Step aside, Cracka!” in favor of a minority…because they’re a minority.

Fortunately, true justice was done and Michael Phelps didn’t bother to give Bell the handout of a response and did in fact carry our flag during the opening ceremonies.

A Few Follow On Points

Firstly, I’m glad that I could begin this post with, “in the likely case that you didn’t hear about it.” That shows that W. Kamau Bell’s racism, race-baiting, and general lack of worth didn’t make any traction in the world. Even CNN who gives Bell a paycheck did little or nothing more than allow him to publish his demands on their site.

Secondly, no comments  that I know of were made by Ms. Muhammad, nor do I know much about her at all and, hence, have little to no opinion of her.

Thirdly, I too wish that Michael Phelps would have stepped down from the honor of being America’s flag bearer in favor of Ms. Muhammad, just not because she’s a flagrantly devout Muslim, a Black, and a woman. I wish he’d done so because she’s a fencer, specifically sabre, and they get little to no worldwide recognition or coverage. So, as a fellow fencer, also sabre, I think the symbolism of one of us being the flag bearer outweighs adding to Mr. Phelps’ accolades and honors. 😉

The Ego Has Landed

Posted in 2016 Olympics, Politics on October 2nd, 2009

President Obama and his family, and a large retinue – with Oprah Winfrey and Chicago’s Mayor, Richard Daley, tagging along – put critical foreign and domestic issues on hold to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark to convince, cajole, or coerce the International Olympic Committee (IOC) into granting the 2016 Summer Olympic Games to the crime-ridden and economically depressed city of Chicago, IL.  They failed.

From the St. Louis Business Journal:

Chicago is out as a host city for the summer Olympics in 2016.

The International Olympic Committee gave Chicago the boot in its first round of voting Friday in Copenhagen.

My fellow Americans, the Ego has landed – face down and in failure.

The IOC voted Chicago out of the running mere hours after President Obama’s plea, which the 100-plus committee members sat through in silence.  Air Force One was actually still in the air when OIC’s verdict against the Obamas’ adopted home was rendered.

Apparently the First Lady, Michelle Obama’s delegation to the IOC had been doing quite well and things were looking good for Chicago … and then her husband put aside supposedly leading the Free World and flew across the Atlantic Ocean to give yet another self-involved speech.

The president anchored the U.S. charm offensive.

He referenced his own election as a moment when people from around the world gathered in Chicago to see the results last November and celebrate that “our diversity could be a source of strength.”

“There is nothing I would like more than to step just a few blocks from my family’s home and with Michelle and our two girls welcome the world back to our neighborhood,” Obama said. “At the beginning of this new century, the nation that has been shaped by people from around the world wants a chance to inspire it once more.”

After the Obamas’ comments, the U.S. delegation fielded questions from committee members, and at one point the president jumped in. He said he envisioned that the Chicago games would allow the United States to restore its image as a place that, at its best, is “open to the world.”

Perhaps President Obama should have stayed at work and let the First Lady handle things in Denmark; Chicago might have gotten the 2016 Summer Games then. Obviously a speech and commentary that boiled down to something disturbingly close to, “My election made America good again,” and “Give a Brotha a Chance!” didn’t work out so well for America this time.