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G?ngx? F?cái

Posted in 2008 Olympics, Politics on December 24th, 2007

Such a Merry Christmas from China. Well, actually shèngdàn kuàilè x?nnián kuàilè is Merry Christmas in Mandarin (G?ngx? F?cái is a Chinese New Years greeting), but it wouldn’t fit in the post’s headline.

It seems the Evil Old Men in Beijing, knowing the importance of the Christmas holidays among the oppressed Christian minority in China, have perverted the holiday for their own vile purposes. They have showed great – if low born – cunning in realizing that the “illegal” congregations in China would be gathering at this time.

270 House Church Pastors Detained for Alleged “Illegal Religious Gathering

SHANDONG PROVINCE, Dec. 10 — China Aid Association has learned that 270 House Church Pastors have been detained for what Chinese officials are calling an “illegal religious gathering.”

On December 7 at 1:30pm, House Church pastors in Hedeng District, Linyi City, were gathered for a Bible Study when their meeting was disrupted by police officials.According to Pastor Li, an eyewitness, 40-50 policemen from 12 different towns were involved in the massive detention. The pastors were then handcuffed two-by-two and taken to the local police station for questioning. As of this morning 150 pastors remain in custody. The others have been released on a Y300 ($40) interrogation fee.

The humiliation these pastors received by being led away in handcuffs as common criminals, for attending a Bible study is an unjustifiable act of religious persecution. In addition, the large scale and high profile of the detentions shows the apathy of Chinese officials in moving towards a policy for toleration of religious freedom. Behavior unbecoming of the World’s host for the Olympic games in 2008.

China Aid will continue to monitor the situation.

For those concerned, contact:

Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Ambassador: Mr. Zhou Wenzhong
Address: 2300 Connecticut Avenue, N. W., Washington D.C. 20008, U.S.A.
Tel: +001-202-328-2500, 328-2501, 328-2502
Fax: +001-202-3282582

— Issued by China Aid Association
December 10, 2007

I know the civilized world can’t honestly expect any better behavior from PRC tyrants in Beijing, but it’s still somehow shocking how far they will go to oppress any group who doesn’t spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week kowtowing to atheism and slaving in a sweatshop somewhere.

We really shouldn’t even be shocked by the “interrogation fee”; after all once they execute these pastors, the PRC will bill their families for the cost of the bullet.

Stop Snitching?

Posted in Politics, Society on December 22nd, 2007

Stop Snitching? I would have liked to think – especially after reading the Pew Research Center Report that there would no longer be much of market for this filth. I guess I got my hopes up to soon and forgot that the new hopeful division in Black attitudes would still leave many with dangerously antisocial mindsets. I’m hoping these ghetto thugs can only market their sedition amongst their own constituency. What’s truly disturbing is that this is the sequel!

Stop Snitchin’ refers to a controversial campaign used by criminals and the hip-hop and rap industry to frighten people with information to stop “snitching,” or reporting criminal activities to the police. It’s is essentially a method of witness intimidation. This subversive and dangerous criminal phenomenon became mainstream in the hip-hop and rap communities as many rappers express support for this method. It specifically refers to a Baltimore-based home-made DVD that threatened violence against would-be informants.

Why is this atrocity allowed to continue? This isn’t – or shouldn’t be – protected Free Speech; it’s sedition and advocating and endorsing criminal acts. The people producing and disseminating this filth need to be rounded up and incarcerated.


Avast, Ahab-san!

Posted in The Environment on December 22nd, 2007

To my surprise, the Japanese government has backed down and suspended plans to hunt up to 50 humpback whales after extreme protests by the Australian people and government. Chief Japanese government spokesman Nobutaka Machimura said humpbacks would not be part of the annual hunt in the waters around Antarctica.

It’s true that Australia expressed quite a strong opinion to Japan on this. As a result, I hope that this will lead to better relations with Australia.

— Nobutaka Machimura
Chief Cabinet Secretary

It may have taken more than just the mentioned protests to convince the Japanese of the error of the ways though. Australia has been ‘dogging’ Japan – including flying survelliance aircraft – for its plans to resume whale hunting in the Antarctic region. The Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd had recently announced plans to dispatch an armed observation ship to track the Japanese whaling fleet and gather evidence for a possible lawsuit at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Never underestimate the power of armed diplomacy!

Olympic Critic Jailed

Posted in 2008 Olympics on December 20th, 2007

An online commentator, Wang Dejia aka Jing Chu who said next year’s Beijing Olympics would force ordinary Chinese to live “like pigs and dogs” has been detained for nearly a week on a charge of subversion.

Wang was taken from his home in Quanzhou County, part of southern China’s Guilin city, early Friday, December 14th, on a charge of “subverting state authority,” said his wife Wen Zhenyan. Officers confiscated his computer, memory cards, books and banking documents. Since then none of Wang’s family have been allowed to contact him.

While Beijing encourages Internet use for business and education, it tightly controls Web content, censoring anything it considers critical of — or a threat to — the Communist Party. Press freedom and human rights groups say China has jailed dozens of people for writings posted online. Wang Dejia has now been added to that growing list.

Wang Dejia blamed the PRC’s “autocratic nation” for destroying ordinary people’s homes in mass demolitions in order to build grandiose Olympic venues, and criticized China’s intensified crackdown on dissidents.

In July, Wang told the Epoch Times, a newspaper linked to the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement, that China’s central government was ignoring the needs of common Chinese in the lead-up to the Olympics. Instead, he said, the Communist Party was most concerned about cracking down on dissidents and building new venues.

Let the people live like pigs and dogs, I think that’s how it will achieve its goal of a harmonious society

— Wang Dejia
Interview with Epoch Times

Well, chalk up yet another one for the Evil Old Men in Beijing. They’re going do whatever it takes to ram their 2008 Godless Genocide Cames down the world’s throat. It has proven unwise to complain about it either within China or outside of it. Why are we – the civilized world – allowing these monsters to host the games?

Tancredo’s Out

Posted in 2008 Election on December 20th, 2007

Tancredo On December 20th, 2007, Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) announced that he was retiring from the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign. Representative Tom Tancredo ended his campaign, and in an unexpected move, endorsed Gov. Mitt Romney of Massachusetts’ bid for the Presidency in 2008.

I find this more than unexpected; I find it rather shocking. The two men’s respective platforms do not have that much in common.

Mr. Tancredo said that he had met with Mr. Romney and is confident of the Governor’s sincerity and commitment. Mr. Tancredo acknowledged that he and Mr. Romney differ on some aspects of their respective immigration policies, such as a “timeout.” Mr. Tancredo said that he and Mr. Romney agreed on securing the borders, penalizing “sanctuary cities” and prosecuting employers who knowingly employed illegal immigrants.

Somebody’s going to win this race.” It’s not going to me, so really what you’re looking for is that person you hope and pray will carry on.

— Rep. Tom Tancredo

Frankly, Tancredo was “one trick pony” – immigration reform. I’m not surprised he dropped out of the race. I don’t think Tancredo stood much of a chance against the more rounded candidates. Sadly, this means the US’ best shot at solving the immigration problem is gone – but I think that all Tancredo would have been good for.