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Obama’s Accomplishment

Posted in Politics on April 29th, 2014

In all truth, it is no easy or simple task to judge Obama fairly. As is the case of with any US President, he has said and done much, in the midst of numerous complex problems, and surrounded, pushed, and constrained by what may be our world’s most convoluted government. It is made no easier by the fiery and conflict-ridden politics of 21st century America.

Even more, the difficulty in judging Obama on his performance and accomplishments is exacerbated by the diametrically opposed ideologies and goals of the American people who didn’t vote for him and those within America’s border who did so. It’s hard to judge his performance when one has to choose between the metrics of what a POTUS should do and what he was elected to do.

Yes, I know! As a White, it’s racist of me to judge Obama if my judgment is not favorable and/or doesn’t excuse his failings due to America being a racist country.

But let’s ignore all that the boy’s done to America, both domestically and in the realm of our relations with the other nations and power groups in the world. Let’s just use Obama’s own pronouncements and promises as the basis of his success criteria:

  • Job creation
  • Economic growth
  • Improving our health-care system
  • Reducing the national debt
  • Reducing poverty
  • Reducing income inequality
  • The Russian “reset”
  • Peace in the Middle East
  • Renewed focus on Afghanistan
  • A new, brighter beginning with the Arab world
  • Better relations with our allies
  • Ending the type of politics that breeds division, conflict, and cynicism
  • Working with the other party
  • Transparency in his administration
  • No lobbyists working in his administration.

The above were all stated goals of the Obama presidency. In every single case the boy has failed, often utterly, to achieve them. America is nearly five and a half years into his tenure in the White House and, by any objective measure, the lofty expectations and grand pronouncements of Obama have crashed and floundered upon the rocks of reality and his own incompetence at governing.

These is not to say that Obama has achieved no success at all. He has one stellar accomplishment to his credit. He’s Black and the POTUS. You might even say that he has achieved two accomplishments, being elected and being re-elected.

I suppose fortunately, California’s state legislature is trying to make it a law that California schools teach this to their students. Obama’s accomplishment, being the First Black President, will be highlighted in social studies curricula moving forward.

Obama Doll 2052
Obama’s Legacy Circa 2052

Personally, I think it good that the students will taught Obama’s only accomplishment. Elsewise, the boy will likely end up nothing but a footnote in history. It’d be a shame for Obama’s legacy, the first – and possibly last for a long time – Black POTUS, to be little more than some chipped and faded lawn jockeys mouldering in derelict yards or up for sale at garage sales and flea markets.

Victory Conditions

Posted in 2014 Election, Politics on April 28th, 2014

The Liberals and Progressives plaguing America, as represented by the Democrat party, have long held that, if at first – or ever – you don’t succeed, it’s not your fault and we need to change the victory conditions. At the same time they hold that, if you did succeed, it wasn’t to your credit and you owe others for your success.

Winners and Losers - Changing the victory conditionsWinners and Losers – Changing The Victory Conditions

So, since 1950 and the concomitant and synergistic rise of the Welfare State and the Civil Rights Movement, they’ve managed to change the losers and winners in society by declaring that the losers are owed success or, at least, government-mandated and government-distributed subsistence at an ever-increasing level – all to be paid for by the “winners” in America.

This has got to change and change swiftly. If it doesn’t, America is doomed. It will fail and drown in the effluvia of the eaters and takers, who have already been allowed to grow to outnumber the makers.

The 2014 midterm elections are fast approaching. We each and all need to do what we can to remove the parasite enablers of the Democrats from office and replace them with lawmakers who will restore some measure of freedom to succeed and enjoy the earned privileges of success to the productive in our nation.

When Fascism Comes

Posted in Humor, Politics on April 27th, 2014

Periodically you here about how when fascism comes to America it will be based upon Christianity. Personally, I think other means for fascism coming to America are far more likely.
Roman Fasces - Type found on Lincoln MemorialWhen fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a fair-trade, natural fiber frock and carrying a Starbucks Frappuccino.
When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a Che Guevara tee and carrying a PBR.
When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a purple SEIU windbreaker and carrying a picket sign and a bullhorn.

In any event, Fascism’s coming to America will most likely be under the auspices of the Liberals and Progressive because fascism always get it’s foot in the door through the Left, not the Right.

How Geeks & Nerds Do It

Posted in Humor on April 26th, 2014

I know that long-standing pop culture tradition states that scientists, academics, and other geeks and nerds don’t have sex very often. This is, however, simply untrue. These folks do it. They just each do it in their own respective ways…

  • Astronomers do it in the dark
  • Mathematicians do it in numbers
  • Biologists do it in the field
  • Chemists do it periodically on the table
  • Geologists do it in folded beds
  • Palaeontologists do it in the dirt
  • Computer scientists do it bit by bit
  • Electrical engineers do it until it hertz
  • Physicists do it with force
  • When seismologists do it, the Earth shakes
  • Zoologists do it with animals
  • Polymer chemists do it in chains
  • Cosmologists do it with a bang
  • Theorists do it on paper
  • Geneticists do it in their genes
  • Statisticians do it with 99% confidence
  • Planetary scientists do it while gazing at Uranus
  • Philosophers only think about doing it
  • Quantum Physicists are uncertain about doing it but are sure it will cause multiple entanglements


On the bright side, scientists are generally against one night stands; they want repeatable results. On the dark side, they tend to talk about their sexual exploits and partners; it’s part of the peer review process. 😉


NOTE: For those not comfortable with equations, the square root of one plus tan squared C is equal to the square root of sec squared C which is equal to sec C (= sexy).

MSM Decides The Truth

Posted in Politics, Society on April 26th, 2014

One the problems with living in a society that is based upon consensus reality is that agents can and do alter the public censensus in order to make specific agendas the de facto truth.

Media Chooses Truth

One of, if not the, worst offenders in this is the Lamestream Media. For generations they’ve manipulated the public’s collective consciousness in order to shape reality to suit whatever their agendas were at that time. A perfect, current example of the media’s deliberate bias is how they “carefully” presented some controversial remarks that a reporter solicited from Cliven Bundy.

On the left you have the 3:13 minute long, full commentary by Cliven Bundy. On the right you the 1:29 minute long, heavily edited clip that the MSM chose to air and put up for public intake.
[youtubegallery cols=2 thumbwidth=225]


The Truth VS. The MSM

Now this doesn’t come as a surprise. The media has long held that is occupies and exalted position, one with the right and responsibility to use their power to shape society. Their painting Cliven Bundy as a horrid racist is just the latest of a long series of lies, misinformation campaigns, and carefully chosen topic to broadcast.

It’s disturbing but it’s also something that the majority of Americans are used to and used to filtering out and compensating for. What’s more disturbing and harder to deal with are the increase in the prevalence and extremity of the Lamestream Media’s bias and the fact that they are no longer shilling just their own agenda. Others are now scripting the news.

Who's Scripting US News?
Who’s Scripting US News?

No, under the Obama Regime the press isn’t exactly a free press any longer. The various handlers and overseers of Obama have had the boy use any and all methods that he could get away to get a leash around the collective necks of the media in order to coerce them into airing the Regime’s messages and only the Regime’s messages.

That’s a sad and scary situation. It was bad enough having to deal with press that was a largely independent enemy of the American people. Having a press that is now little more than the propaganda corps of an enemy regime is far, far worse.