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Bikini Interlude 19

Posted in Society on April 29th, 2017
Bikini Interlude – Checking The Fit Edition

As is the case with almost all the Bikini Interlude posts, there’s really no real purpose to this post beyond providing myself and any who come here a brief interlude of beauty.

This particular interlude is just to point out that it’s time to be picking out a bikini and checking how it fits. How it fits you, mind you, not how you fit it or bikinis in general.

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Posted in Politics, Society on April 28th, 2017

Misidentification Is A Serious ProblemMisidentification Is A Serious Problem

There have always been issues, some tragic, with individuals’ self-image and self-identification, but this has seemingly degenerated in recent years to dangerous levels of pathology. This has been compounded by the recent trend by the Left to demand that that such misidentifications be accepted, condoned, and normalized.

Still though, even this societal disease pails in comparison to certain forms and specific expressions of misidentification, e.g, misidentifying Bill Nye as a scientist. It lends undeserved weight to whatever this mechanical engineer turned comedic / children’s actor says.

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If Your Gonna Throw Shade

Posted in Humor, Society on April 24th, 2017


If You’re Gonna Throw Shade, Throw It My Way
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Really! If you’re going to throw shade around, throw it my way. I don’t discriminate. I love all shades, from Blue-Black to High Yellow so bright they could “pass.” 😉

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