Some Slight Defense

As all Americans know, the Lamestream Media is strongly biased against us and any politician we might strive to elect to office. They’ve been the enemy of the American people for decades.

Their narrative is simple: Americans are vile, vicious, and cruel; Liberals and Progressives are kind, inclusive, and caring; and the minorities are the everlasting victims of the American people.

Media Narrative Explained
Explaining The Media Narrative

How they’ve chosen to portray Joe Biden and Paul Ryan respectively is a perfect example of this. That perfect example, however, also provides them some slight defense for their bias and their perfidy because they are not free agents in this matter. The Obama Regime does not believe in or tolerate a free press.

And, as Obama tries to shuck and jive his way into being given another chance, the White House’s demands to control all of the message grow ever more strident and tyrannical. More and more they throw the provisions and restriction of our Constitution into the gutter in order, in the words of Valerie Jarrett, to “really take power and begin to rule.”

It has been months since Obama took any questions from the White House Press Corps. In fact, that situation has degenerated to the point when even MSNBC, who might as well be officially part of his campaign staff, is questioning it. That is an odd thing since the Obama Regime has developed the habit of requiring the White House Press Corps to submit drafts of their stories for review, editing, and approval to Obama’s campaign staff before they are run or disseminated.

Obama’s campaign takes even more despotic measures to protect itself from harm when it comes to anything that Joe Biden might jabber in front of the press. They are actively editing the drafts of pool reports before allowing them to be shared with the media at large.

Of course, my sympathies are somewhat limited since there’s nothing that the Obama Regime is doing that is forcing the Lamestream Media to go far against the proclivities. Still, as much as it pains me to say it, the Obama Regime’s attempted destruction of a free press does provide the media with some slight defense for their actions as they relate to Campaigner-in-Chief, his coterie, and the current situation.


Remember always that, if the First Amendment were to be destroyed by some despot, it would be necessary for a People desirous of Liberty to apply the Second Amendment without restraint or mercy to the tyrants and all their kin unto the least babe.

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4 Responses to “Some Slight Defense”


    Somewhere earlier this week I saw a nice summary of Leftard attacks on Conservative candidates, referencing Ryan of course. It goes…
    He/she is stupid–Reagan, Palin, Quayle, GWB
    He/she is old–Reagan, Dole, McLame
    He/she is evil–all of the above.

    They are left with only option 3 for Ryan.
    Good luck with that. 🙂

  2. jonolan Says:

    True, that’s they’re normal tactic. If you’re not fully indoctrinated by their elitist “academies,” you’re just wrong, stupid, and evil as far as America’s domestic enemies are concerned.

    Truly, I look forward to the day when America purges itself of their nests of “education” and consigns the filth to the fire.

  3. Alan Scott Says:


    The Paul Ryan cartoon is good. The Joe Biden caricature looks too much like George W. Bush. Biden never had that much hair no matter how many plugs he gets.

  4. jonolan Says:

    You’re right about the hair but I can’t see the resemblance to President Bush Jr. – not that it looks much like Biden either.

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