#MAGA And Bust

It’s MAGA And Bust, Not Or Bust

Exactly! A fundamental principle of America is that we don’t have to make binary choices. One might say that it should never if at all possible, be #MAGA or Bust; it should be #MAGA and Bust! Call it American Privilege.

American Privilege – Born Right, Raised Right

And truly, this is not just a subjective fantasy. Science has repeatedly shown that American – i.e., Conservative, Republican, and/or Right-Wing – women are just more beautiful on average than the womyn of the Left.

Oh! And those less beautiful, Leftist womyn? They know this and they hate it.

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Bikini Interlude 46

Bikini Interlude – A Sansakini Edition

OK! We all love bikinis, especially the minimalist ones, but sometimes you just need to go without. 😉 Hence, this sans-a-kini bikini interlude.

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The Wise Man Knows

The Wise Man Knows It's Right To Stand Behind Strong American Women
The Wise Man Knows

‘Tis very true! The wise man knows that it’s right to stand behind strong, American women. We also have no qualms about following female leaders.

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Softporn 2020 And Beyond

Softporn 2020 And Beyond
Softporn 2020 And Beyond

COVID-19 along with the panic surrounding it has certainly changed the face of the nation. Hence, I’m betting that it has and will change the face – not that you’ll see them anymore – of porn, be it soft or hardcore.

For Better, Worse, Or Just Odd, Things Have Changed

We know that, for better, worse, or just odd, COVID-19 is going to change the entirety of the erotica and true pornography industries in the US. Largely, this is due to the concomitant facts that porn is the – to use business buzzspeak – one of the most agile and resilient industries in the nation, and both shapes and responds to society’s memes and mores.

I’m betting that the preferred positions will change somewhat, but I’m wondering if “raw” and/or “unprotected” with switch from denoting the lack of condom use to the lack of masks. 😆

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International Coffee Day

I Eat Salad Every Day ... Um, Coffee
Yeah, It’s Like That With Me

Yeah, that’s me. I drink a pot or two – at least – of coffee every day. Indeed, the ubiquitousness of coffee in my diet is why I almost forgot to celebrate America’s National Coffee Day last Thursday. I do, after all, celebrate it 365 days a year. 😉

It’s International Coffee Day

But today is International Coffee Day! So rise, shine, brew up and enjoy a hot mug of java, and celebrate the beauty that is a cup of coffee.

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