12th Night

It’s 12th Night, Ending Christmastide

Since it’s 12th Night – or, tomorrow is, if you use the Anglican calendar – I figured it was right to close out the season with more presents I’m pretty sure we’d all like to open. 😀

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Extended Presents

Extended Presents

Yeah, yeah – It’s New Year’s Eve. It’s also, however, midway-ish – It’s the 7th day – through Christmastide. Hence, here are some extended presents for everyone to enjoy. 😛

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‘Tis Still The Season

‘Tis Still The Season – Keep Feeling it!

Yeah, here’s the thing – Christmas actually starts the Christmas Season, not ends it. The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas and go to January 5th, which is Twelfth Night. So, it’s A-OK to continue to enjoy some Christmas cheer. 😉 And continuing to unwrap these sorts of presents is encouraged.

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A Very Merry Christmas

It Could Be A Very Merry Christmas

While 2020 has been a complete dumpster fire of a year, even in terms of romance, there are still some reasons – 15 of which I’ve showcase above – to think that it could be very merry Christmas.

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12th Night Is Upon Us

As 12th Night Is Upon Us

As 12th Night is upon us – well, for the majority of the West at least – and that ends the Christmas season – again, for the majority of the West at least – here’s 12 final Christmas babes for our enjoyment.

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