Once Again Valentine's Day

Once Again Valentine’s Day

So, once again it’s Valentine’s Day, the consumption-based holiday that “enjoys” the most ambivalence from the American people. I’m not a big fan of it myself, but thinking outside the box of chocolates does make this day of enforced trappings of romance more palatable. Case in point – here’s 48 examples of better gifts for couples than candy and flowers. 😉

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Saturnalia Today

Saturnalia Today – Boxing Day

So, once again we have the opportunity to celebrate what is left of Saturnalia. By that I, of course, mean the Victorian affectation of Boxing Day, which is the last vestige of Rome’s mid-Winter festival. 😉

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Looking Like Christmas

It’s Looking Like Christmas

It’s looking like Christmas, and that’s a fine thing to my mind. I love certain sorts of holiday decorations.

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You May Now Decorate

You May Now Decorate Your Christmasween Tree
You May Now Decorate Your Christmasween Tree

Thanksgiving is passed, as is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So, you can decorate without bad luck or opprobrium from right-thinking people. Of course, the nature of that decorating is in flux. 😛

Some Very Fine Christmasween Decorations

Oh! And to all you fanatical Clausians, check your calendars. Besides, you really shouldn’t be doing purely Christmas stuff until Advent, which starts Sun, Dec 3, 2023 this year.

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Halloween Is Coming

Halloween Is Coming
Halloween Is Coming

Halloween is coming and those witches are getting ready to ride the night. 😉 That sounds like a fine thing to me.

Of Course It’s Not Just Witches Who Are Ready To Ride

But, as fond as I am of witches, it’s better that there a plethora of a spooky babes to choose from on any given Halloween.

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