The Reason

The Reason For This Three-Day Weekend
The Reason For This Three-Day Weekend

Yeah. Just in case any of you forgot the reason for this three-day weekend. And no; please don’t wish a vet a happy Memorial Day. 🙄 Just try to give a passing thought to the fact that Memorial Day is the most expensive holiday in America that none of us had to directly pay for.

But, in my opinion, keep it to a passing thought if you’re a pure civilian. Leave the rest to those of us in service now, us veterans, and the Dependents. Just have fun. It’s already been payed for.

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Easter Is Here Again

Easter Is Here Again

Well, for the majority of people, it’s Easter again. So, here’s a friendly PSA: it’s a holiday based upon renewal and growth – Your God literally came back from the dead after fucking around with Hell in a Gen X worthy fashion – and, as such, the best and most faithful thing you can do this Easter is hunt some eggs.

NOTE: Ostara was back on the 19th and Mabon was the 22nd, so I would be ahead of you already if I was willing to father more children. And, as a follow-on note, I father children; I don’t just sire them… except in the rare-ish cases of being contracted to do so.

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Biden's Holiday Wishes

Biden's Holiday Wishes
Biden’s Holiday Wishes

Tacky, Crass, and certainly cruel… but funny, albeit in a Twain-esque manner. And, such jokes are almost de rigueur, since Biden is best known for his cognitive decline. So, Best Holiday Wishes. 🙄

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! Or, in English, Happy St Patrick’s Day to you! Or, as me and mine have called it for decades, Amateur Drinkers Night… at least here in America. So, have fun. Drink responsibly – i.e., go ahead and get trashed, but don’t fecking drive. But, do feck wantonly. 😉

So Many Wanting Some Irish In Them

And, my deartháireacha an tuatha, remember that there’s many a cailín álainn wanting some Irish in them this night. Do your best for them and your ancestors to make their wishes come true.

And So Many Irish We Should Be Wanting To Be In

And, for the lot of us, Éireannach or not, do remember that the many mná na Éireann are celebrating St, Patty’s Day too. Any of us would be damned fools to not enjoy that fully. 😛

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Once Again Valentine's Day

Once Again Valentine’s Day

So, once again it’s Valentine’s Day, the consumption-based holiday that “enjoys” the most ambivalence from the American people. I’m not a big fan of it myself, but thinking outside the box of chocolates does make this day of enforced trappings of romance more palatable. Case in point – here’s 48 examples of better gifts for couples than candy and flowers. 😉

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