The Reason

The Reason For This Three-Day Weekend
The Reason For This Three-Day Weekend

Yeah. Just in case any of you forgot the reason for this three-day weekend. And no; please don’t wish a vet a happy Memorial Day. 🙄 Just try to give a passing thought to the fact that Memorial Day is the most expensive holiday in America that none of us had to directly pay for.

But, in my opinion, keep it to a passing thought if you’re a pure civilian. Leave the rest to those of us in service now, us veterans, and the Dependents. Just have fun. It’s already been payed for.

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True Bravery

True Bravery
True Bravery

I’m ex-Navy, so yeah; this is funny! Trust me, true bravery is drinking coffee in your dress whites. And Tropicals? *snort*

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Honor Guard

Honor GuardHonor Guard

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Obama’s Immediate Threat

In the boy’s May 20th speech to the most recent graduating class of Coast Guard Cadets Obama expressed his belief that the most serious national security threat to our nation is Climate Change. 😯

Tides of War
If The Ocean Rises, Shoot It!

Ah well. I guess that, if Obama manages to get the military focused up adapting to- and combating the great quixotean windmill of Anthropogenic Climate Change, the JV Team might get their shot and that would remove the most serious national security threat to our nation, if not in a manner that would be easy to countenance.

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U.S.S. Barack Obama

USS Barack H. Obama
Introducing The U.S.S. Barack Obama

To properly “honor” Obama’s “special relationship” with the US military, the Navy has commissioned a new flag vessel, the USS Barack Obama. It will be the flagship of the new greens navy.

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