A New Green Deal

Five years, give or take a bit, Markey and AOC introduced their idiotic, woke socialism disguised as environmental action, the Green New Deal. Of course, nothing came of it.

A Green Deal Americans Would Accept

See? There’s a fine new green deal Americans would not only accept, but wholeheartedly get on board with. American’s love green deals, just not ones that do little to nothing other than transfer the wealth from the makers who earned it to the takers and eaters who Democrats pander to. Americans would far more prefer and endorse a green deal that both provided us with children and didn’t try to prevent us from passing on the wealth we earned to them.

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Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! Or, in English, Happy St Patrick’s Day to you! Or, as me and mine have called it for decades, Amateur Drinkers Night… at least here in America. So, have fun. Drink responsibly – i.e., go ahead and get trashed, but don’t fecking drive. But, do feck wantonly. 😉

So Many Wanting Some Irish In Them

And, my deartháireacha an tuatha, remember that there’s many a cailín álainn wanting some Irish in them this night. Do your best for them and your ancestors to make their wishes come true.

And So Many Irish We Should Be Wanting To Be In

And, for the lot of us, Éireannach or not, do remember that the many mná na Éireann are celebrating St, Patty’s Day too. Any of us would be damned fools to not enjoy that fully. 😛

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Mandatory Kill Stickers

Onshore Wind Farms Should Have Mandatory Kill Stickers
Onshore Wind Farms Should Have Mandatory Kill Stickers

Onshore wind farms should be required to paint their turbines in something similar to this manner and place kill stickers on them so that people and Leftists know the true cost of ecologically friendly, sustainable power generation. 👿

But, it’s not like any of the Left will really care that much. After all, “Global Warming” has never really been about cooling the planet or being more “Green.” It’s always been just a front and con used in attempt to drag down the Civilized World so that there’d be more Equity.

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Wendy's Goes Green

Wendy's Goes Green
Wendy’s Goes Green

It seems that Wendy’s has gone green in an effort to differentiate itself from it competitors and to pander to Liberals and Progressives. 😉

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Seeking Irish In Them?

Are They Seeking Irish In Them?

It’s St, Patrick’s Day, so it’s perfectly natural for them to be seeking some Irish in them. 😉 And, it should not need saying that we of Irish heritage should be willing to help them out with this.

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