Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! Or, in English, Happy St Patrick’s Day to you! Or, as me and mine have called it for decades, Amateur Drinkers Night… at least here in America. So, have fun. Drink responsibly – i.e., go ahead and get trashed, but don’t fecking drive. But, do feck wantonly. 😉

So Many Wanting Some Irish In Them

And, my deartháireacha an tuatha, remember that there’s many a cailín álainn wanting some Irish in them this night. Do your best for them and your ancestors to make their wishes come true.

And So Many Irish We Should Be Wanting To Be In

And, for the lot of us, Éireannach or not, do remember that the many mná na Éireann are celebrating St, Patty’s Day too. Any of us would be damned fools to not enjoy that fully. 😛

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Seeking Irish In Them?

Are They Seeking Irish In Them?

It’s St, Patrick’s Day, so it’s perfectly natural for them to be seeking some Irish in them. 😉 And, it should not need saying that we of Irish heritage should be willing to help them out with this.

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A Bit O’ Green

A Bit O’ Green – Just A Bit though

Well, it’s St. Patrick’s Day once again, and it’s time to wear a bit o’ green. Indeed, with the semi-mandatory “social distancing” due to the panic over the Coronavirus, all you really need is just a bit of it … and not a whole lot else.

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Go Green!

Go Green on St. Paddy's Day
It’s St. Paddy’s Day – Go Green!

Now see? “Wearing” the Green on St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to entail a lot of effort or trying to choose what clothes to wear. There are other, even better options to show your love of the Irish as the delightful and deliciously curvy Demmy Blaze illustrates so well. 😉

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No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

No Pot O' Gold
No Pot O’ Gold For Dems

St. Padraig’s Day has come and come and gone. There was no luck, except for bad luck, for the Dems however. After well over a year of them following the mystical rainbow of Russian collusion, there’s been no pot ‘o gold for them to have. In fact, to-date the collusion evidence that’s been uncovered is that of collusion between various members of the FBI and the DNC / Hillary campaign. 😉

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