By Any Means?

Zero CO2 By Any Means?
Zero CO2 By Any Means?

Biden and Co. are once again proving that they’ll enforce the Warmists’ ideology by and means necessary. They might as well start chanting, “From sea to shining sea, America will be carbon free!”

On Friday, November 17th, 2023 Biden and his Department of Energy (DOE) jointly announced that the federal government would use the he 1950 Defense Production Act (DPA) to funnel $169 million tax dollars into 9 projects across 15 sites nationwide in an effort to accelerate electric heat pump manufacturing.

Yeah, nothing says we’re the ones protecting democracy from the evil “MAGA extremists” quite like using a cold-war era national defense law to advance a Democrat policy agenda and specifically privilege certain manufacturers over the competition. 🙄

Now, don’t get me wrong; this isn’t, in and of itself, catastrophic, and I’ve little to no problems with the federal government funding research into just about any technology. That, to my mind, is the the proper and often necessary place of the government in the arena of science, technology, and engineering. No, my primary issue with this bit of eco-tyranny is the use of the DPA to do it. Operating under the very hard to politically combat penumbra of national security in order to artificially alter the market is dangerously wrong.

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Climatards' Green Utopia

Climatards' Green Utopia
The Climatards’ Green Utopia

I’ve stated before what the Democrats’ plan for America’s agricultural sector is. But the image above depicts the specific goals of the Climatards among Americans’ domestic enemies and the Green Utopia that they want to fundamentally transform our nation into. That is, of course, when they’re not demanding that we simply outsource resource extraction and its concomitant pollution to “developing nations.”

Yes, these are the useful idiots that are, themselves being farmed by Democrat politicians, certain groups within the deep state that want better budgets and more job security, and the Leftists that long ago turned the entirety of Global Warming into an attack upon Western prosperity in an attempt to distribute our wealth to those others that they prefer.

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Battery Change 2022+

Battery Change
Your Car’s Battery Change 2022 and Beyond

Yeah, not only do electric vehicles (EVs) normally cost about 20% more than either their traditional and hybrid counterparts, the cost of replacing their battery pack/deck is way more than anything normal people would condone. For now, that sort of makes me laugh, since it’s harming the Liberals, Progressives, and other Ecotards and Warmists who want to signal their virtue and orthodoxy by buying and conspicuously driving one.

Look At Me Sinners! I’m Virtuous

The way I’ve always figured things, if you want to harm yourself for your faith, cool; more power to you and, even if we’re enemies, I have, do, and will always respect you for your sacrifice. I mean, I’ll be annoyed by your incessant proselytizing and virtue signalling, but I will always acknowledge that you put your faith first, before you comfort or material success.

But the problem is that these Warmists who are apparently shaping the domestic policies of the Democrat party are not in the least bit satisfied with practicing their religion. Oh no! As creatures like Biden and the other Dems in political power have shown, these Warmists have their own Great Commission and certainly don’t hesitate to enact Conversion by the Sword.

Why do you think Biden forced unprecedented fuel prices upon we, the People? Why do you think that SCOTUS had to explicitly tell the EPA that they couldn’t force the governments of the individual states to change their power production to something “green”?

This is America. If the Left wants to sacrifice their wealth and freedoms for the sake of their religion of Global Warming, fine! If they want to preach their faith in or on the streets? Fine! It’s when they try to force their face upon others that we have a problem.

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No Solution

No Solution Allowed
No Solution Allowed

The above image fairly aptly sums up the frustration one experiences whenever one makes the mistake of engaging one of the Liberals or Progressives on the matter of Climate Change.

Despite their hysteria and existential panic, they will allow no practical solution to the problem they believe in… because the problem isn’t really a problem. It’s just a means by which to enact some form of “redistributive justice,”  i.e., steal from the productive in order to give hand outs to the eaters and takers feeding off of America.

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Global Warming’s Roots

Global Warming's Roots
Global Warming’s Roots

The roots of Global Warming, as certain sorts have been trying to sell it for over a decade, is simply Socialism in the context of the Globalists’ meta-State. It’s just an excuse to strip wealth and power from the “Privileged” societies and redistribute it to the Third World.

As we come into the 2018 elections, it’s critical for the American people to keep this firmly in mind. The “intersectionality” between the Warmists and the Socialists cannot be overstated any more than it can be untangled. They are at this point the same enemy of America.

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