Spades Are Trump

So “The Donald” managed with just a few weeks of mild effort to do what the American people couldn’t do in three years of protests and litigation; he goaded Obama into providing more evidence of his American birthplace and, hence eligibility to hold the office of POTUS. At least that’s how Donald Trump is playing this up.

Somewhat unfortunately for him and very unfortunately for we, the People of America, I believe that Trump was playing the wrong suit in this hand. He forgot that under the rules of the game under regime of the First Black President and his Liberals spades are trump. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am an oppressed minority. How dare you question me
You’re White; You’re Racist – Unless You Give Me Money & Votes!

Obama is back in full campaign mode, not that he has ever particularly left that “comfort zone,” and everything is to be described as being about race, especially anything involves criticism of Obama or his agenda. This will just get worse whenever Obama or his cultists feel threatened.

Race Card Trump forgot that Obama only had two major themes to his 2008 presidential campaign, “Blame Bush” and the race card. With President Bush long out of the picture all Obama has left is race-baiting.

By forgetting this Trump gave Obama and his cabal the perfect opportunity to revitalize the controversy over his titular status as a natural born American citizen and eligibility to be POTUS to their benefit.

No crisis, especially manufactured ones, should ever be wasted…

Obama has lost the support of a lot of his far Left base and there’s almost always the concern that the Blacks, while fully in support of Obama not being perceived as a failure, won’t be motivated enough to go to the polls. Trumping this political hand by playing the race card is an almost sure fired remedy for these problems.

His campaign staff may not be able to drum up enough support in the form of campaign donation and vote for Obama but making the 2012 campaign about race may give them the ability to fire up the Liberals and Blacks to spend and vote against whoever runs against him.

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10 Responses to “Spades Are Trump”

  1. Ryan Brackett Says:

    I think its freakin hysterical hes not running or a “real” politician but hes determining the agenda of the “most powerful man in the world”

  2. jonolan Says:

    I’m not sure that he is determining Obama’s agenda. As I wrote in the article, this whole thing with Trump and O’s birth certificate is just too plum for O’s campaign.

  3. zhann Says:

    No doubt, Obama will use whatever is in his arsenal to win the election, and who wouldn’t? The fact that today’s election campaigns are all about making the opponent look bad, rather than contrasting why they are better than their opponent on important issues are the reason that I refuse to vote.

    Democracy has turned into a game of voting against someone, rather than voting for someone. I refuse to play this game. Issues are merely touched upon, and even when discussed those running are merely paying the issues lip service, without any serious intention.

    Trump is no better. His game is to say what he thinks most Americans want to hear, and hope that most Americans aren’t smart enough to see through his charade. Obama managed that trick well during the last election, as did Bush before him, and Clinton before him. I would love to see a statistic on how campaign promises aline with actual results, and more so I would love to see a statistic of campaign dirt vs discussion of real issues. Unfortunately, I feel I already know what the results will look like.

  4. jonolan Says:


    I think it’s going to be a bit different and worse this time around. I think that Obama’s campaign is going to be more about vilifying entire swaths of the American people instead of merely vilifying his actual opponent. Hence, the race card.

    There’s also a bit of difference with Obama when it comes to campaign promises. He’s tended to make “nuanced” statements that aren’t promises but are thought to be so by many fools. Then his people can go back and make technically accurate statistical reports on the actual promises that he did keep or attempt to keep.

  5. zhann Says:

    Sorry, I disagree. I don’t see any difference between Obama and his predecessors, aside from the language being used. More so, the Republican party are masters at attacking their opponents. For the most part, during the last campaign at least, the McCain/Palin camp were far more brutal towards Obama, which for a change worked in Obama’s favor.

    Spitting venom is what politicians do best. Personally, I would like to see a character like Putin in office. Someone that is extremely blunt, direct and rules with an iron fist. Putin knows how to keep those around him in line, and that is what America needs right now. Obama is just a puppet, like every leader before him.

  6. jonolan Says:

    I see a difference in targets, not behavior. Obama’s predecessors have spewed their venom at their opponents; Obama looks likely to aim at the people in general instead.

    Race / Class warfare seems to be his preferred attacks instead of the more targeted and personal attacks vs. other politicians that have been waged in the past. It’s probably the legacy of his ACORN training and work as a community organizer / agitator.

    You’re sort of right about Putin though. Reagan was much the same way, though filtered through what America will accept and he did quite by the country in most, though not all, ways.

    Whether you like either man is a matter of opinion. But both Reagan and Putin commanded – commands in Putin’s case – respect. That be pleasant change in America.

  7. ichabod Says:

    Hi jonolan;

    “Whether you like either man is a matter of opinion. But both Reagan and Putin commanded โ€“ commands in Putinโ€™s case โ€“ respect. That be pleasant change in America.”

    It is difficult to find anyone to respect nowadays, with the news media leaving no stone unturned an a nation which has quite a few cynics and skeptics.

    Obama screwed up when the issues he campaigned about, promises he made, were cast aside and he used his gift of oratory and the teleprompter to attempt to bury these issues.

    Now, who wants to hear more?

    It would be nice for someone to enter public service to actually do what he or she promises to do and not end up with a caricature of what was promised.

    If they did that, they would earn respect. One day Obama may learn, but it will be too late then, won’t it?

  8. ichabod Says:

    Hi jonolan;

    To support your race theory I found the following article interesting about Obama’s father and Harvard.

    To me it looks almost like a race issue and at that time it was prevalent. If someone had my father kicked out of the country for no good reason, I wouldn’t take kindly to those responsible or at least it would drift in my brain, probably clouding my decision making in respect the entity involved.

    But then again, that is me…

  9. jonolan Says:

    Yes, ichabod; it’s next to impossible to respect Obama because he’s done nothing to earn any respect other than as a clear and present danger to the US and as a mouthpiece for his scriptwriters’ words.

    As for his sire – Obama Sr. may or may not of gotten screwed over, but it was more about Harvard being unsure of his finances and they and immigration officials having a problem with his polygamy than about his race.

    That, of course, doesn’t mean that Obama Jr. didn’t internalize it, as most seem to despite any and all evidence to the contrary, as racism. He could well hold a grudge over that.

  10. No Doubts Remain · Bizarre – Oddities Says:

    […] eligibility to be POTUS, there can now be no doubts whatsoever as to why Obama chose to respond to Donald Trumps demands for him to produce his long form birth certificate. Obamas 2012 Campaign T-Shirt Made in the […]

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