Borg Are Stupid

Borg Are Stupid
Borg Are Stupid
Throw Rocks At Them

Truly, Star Trek’s Borg are stupid, very stupid. They could “make” Borgs that looked like Seven of Nine but, instead, kept with the hideous cyberzombie esthetic. Really? “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated!” 😆 Given that it stated that individual Borg are infectious via close contact, it would have been smarter and better to infiltrate Risa and other, similar planets with ones like Seven of Nine – and similar, male counterparts. “Resistance is unanticipated. They were assimilated with a smile.”

And, as an added bit of snark, the whole “throw rocks at them” is an admission that the Feddies were equally stupid. The one form of attack that Borg shields, both personal and ship, couldn’t almost instantly adapt to was simple kinetic energy. Literally, throwing rocks at them at relativistic speeds would have utterly wiped out the Borg Cubes. Yet, not once did the Federation deploy mass drivers, railguns, or any similar weaponry.

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Disney's Lot Lizards

Disney's Lot Lizards - Fake But Viral Because It's So Plausible
Disney’s Lot Lizards

Disney’s and Pixar’s Lot Lizards is an AI-generated fake, nothing but a bit of humor. It, however, has gone viral for a sick and sad reason. It’s all too plausible in most people’s minds that Disney would make a cartoon featuring reptilian truck stop prostitutes – probably with one of the ensemble being a rent boy and another a trap.

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Rethinking AI Art

Rethinking AI Art Since AI Likes A Super Soft, Curvy, Fertile Scarlett Johansson
I’m Rethinking AI Art’s Worthiness

Yeah, there’s a lot of issues with what we call AI – some of them even real as opposed to just race-baiting rantings – and those extend deeply into the field of art. And again yeah, I’m one of those who’ve been generally against any thought of AI art’s worthiness, value, or even acceptability.

But, now I’m rethinking AI art’s worthiness and that may be in part because of AI’s “bias.” I mean, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Scarlett Johansson’s actual figure; she’s a beautiful and stunning woman. But, an AI’s depiction of her as a fertile, soft-bodied beauty does make me rethink the value of AI-generated art. 😉

Think upon it. Whatever bias AI has is largely due to organic heuristics. In other words, AIs largely build their baselines through harvesting data from the internet. Hence, this depiction of Scarlett Johansson indicates that the zeitgeist is not inherently focused on what the weight-loss and fashion cartels want us to be attracted to insofar as women’s forms are concerned.

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