Disney Bought Sailor Moon

If Disney Bought Sailor Moon
Disney Bought Sailor Moon

If Disney bought the rights to Sailor Moon and did a reboot, this is probably what it would look like these days… except I would assume that they’d cast a Black as Sailor Moon his/herself. 🙄

The #Wokesters running Disney into the ground just can’t seem to help themselves. It’s like they have a bet going with Netflix over which of them can fuck up more.

But, unlike the new normal for Disney, it wouldn’t be live action. Peter Dinklage would probably complain about the Sailor Venus / Krillin character’s casting… whether or not the actor was a dwarf. The little guy’s got a big chip on his shoulder, though nobody is really sure anymore over what. 😆

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Disney's Lot Lizards

Disney's Lot Lizards - Fake But Viral Because It's So Plausible
Disney’s Lot Lizards

Disney’s and Pixar’s Lot Lizards is an AI-generated fake, nothing but a bit of humor. It, however, has gone viral for a sick and sad reason. It’s all too plausible in most people’s minds that Disney would make a cartoon featuring reptilian truck stop prostitutes – probably with one of the ensemble being a rent boy and another a trap.

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Adepta Princeps

princess-40k-1 princess-40k-2
princess-40k-3 princess-40k-4

Adepta Princeps
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I periodically post altered or altered context and/or genre Disney Princesses. This small set might be the most heretical to-date. Adeptus Princeps, or Disney Princesses as Warhammer 40K Space Marines might be pushing it a bit, but I love it – perhaps more than the Inquisition’s Ordo Hereticus might allow. 😉

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Disney's Next MCU Series?

Disney's Next MCU Series?
Disney’s Next MCU Series?

With Disney acting out in the way those chosen to in recent years, this seems spot on. 🙄 I do believe that the Ex-Men would fit their new portfolio quite well.

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Disney's Next Attempt?

Disney's Next Attempt At The Little Mermaid?
Disney’s Next Attempt At The Little Mermaid?

With Disney’s attempt to re-envision The Little Mermaid being a flop, one has to wonder if they’ll soon try it again. The above seems like a likely 2nd attempt.

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