Disney's Remaking Star Wars

Disney's Remaking Star Wars
Disney’s Remaking Star Wars

It’s seems that Disney’s remaking the Original Star Wars trilogy (episodes 4-6). From the look of early, internal promo shots, they’re staying true to form. 😛

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It’s A Trap!

It's A Trap!
It’s A Trap!

Admiral Akbar was wiser than even Lucas gave him credit for. 😆 Yeah, “She” looks like a fine, American woman, but the Bud Lite is dead giveaway. He’s got a surprise package waiting for some unsuspecting guy.

So, Gentlemen, be wary. There’s a lot of traps out there. Always check their beer choice first.

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Found The The Rebel Bass

Found The The Rebel Bass
I Found The The Rebel Bass

Notify Imperial Command. Our scout troopers have finally found the rebel bass.

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World Star Wars 2

Iconic World Star Wars 2 (WSWII) Ships

Picture, if you will, Star Wars set in an alternate WW2 world. I, at least, find that a very cool fantasy, at least somewhat because of the extreme innovation attempts that were made during and immediately after WW2 in the field of aviation. That adds a certain specialness to the artworks above.

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When You Wish Upon…

When You Wish Upon... A Death Star
When You Wish Upon… A Death Star

When you wish upon a death star… expect to fail spectacularly, which pretty much sums up what Disney did to the Star Wars franchise and what it did to itself as a whole with their commitment to turning against all the values that made Disney an American cultural fixture.

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