Race-Baiting is, even at its best, annoying. But I’ve discovered something even more so in my opinion – Race-Clickbaiting. The particular case in point is the headline for an article from Everyday Chirp that showed up in my Microsoft Start page in Edge:

Earrings Ignite Racial Tensions: Woman Told Coworker She Can’t Get Earrings Like Her Because She’s White

Seems all-too-typical and definitely the sort of headline to grab one’s attention because White women are subject to attacks, primarily from non-White females over matters of hairstyle, clothing and accessories related “cultural appropriation.” As a White man who’s somewhat protective of our women – perhaps more so than they deserve these days – it sucked me right in.

But it was just race-clickbaiting. The non-White woman (Amerindian) didn’t tell her White coworker that she couldn’t get earrings like that because she was White. She just tried to put the woman off because the Amerindian tribeswomen who made them don’t sell their work outside the tribe!

Yeah, a whole different thing.

Also, especially in these times, it’s a dangerous practice. I went a read the article; many wouldn’t have done so. But that headline would be in the back of their minds – one more log on the fire, one more nail in the non-Whites’ coffin.

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