Fish Traps!

It's a Trap
Fish Traps! It’s A Trap!

Whenever you encounter what seems to be a woman who loves fishing, channel you’re inner Admiral Akbar, because it’s a trap! That’s not a worm in “her” shorts. 😆

Yes, There Are Women Who Love Fishing

I’m kidding! Kidding, kidding, kidding! For good or ill, there are plenty of women who love fishing. Maybe not as much as some of us guys do, but they do love it. So, don’t be actually concerned that the one you see is a tranny. The odds of that are very, very low.

In point of fact, most transgurls go through an extended period during which they act hyper-feminine, normally adhering to the stereotypes of “proper” “girly” behavior, often obsessively so. As such, it’s extremely unlikely to encounter one fishing. You’re safe. Enjoy.

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