You’ve Got To Love Fish

Really! You’ve got to love fish. Hopefully you also love fishing because it’s one of life’s better entertainments.

You’ve Got To Love Fish

Well here are six women, all celebrities, who love fish enough to get naked with them in order to draw attention to the sad fact that we’re not practicing anything remotely close to what could be called intelligent and sustainable fishing practices and, resultantly, we’re crashing fish populations.

This is a world apart from- and at least an order of magnitude better than PETA’s stupid attempt to manipulate children with their Sea Kittens campaign atrocity. Then Fish Love is a practical and pragmatic group of activists whereas PETA is a cult of pseudo-religious fanatics so this is to be expected.

The British environmental activist group, Fishlove was set up in 2009 by Nicholas Röhl, co-owner of the Japanese restaurant MOSHIMO, and actress Greta Scacchi to raise awareness of the unsustainable fishing practices that are destroying the the earth’s marine ecosystem and threatening local economies across the globe.

Yes, it’s true that Fish Love, like all activists, bases their actions on the worst-case scenario and probably overplays the immediacy of the threat to both marine ecosystems and local economies. That doesn’t, however, mean that they’re in any way shape or form wrong in slightest about the threat itself.

If nothing else, and to expand upon Fish Love’s theme, we don’t want this to come to an end, now do we?

Gaff Girls Show The Beauty Of Fishing

So we really need to fish more responsibly if we want to continue fishing in the future.

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Fishing For Eaters

Fishing has been a mainstay of Man since paleolithic times and has always played a major part in American life, society, and culture. As such, it makes a great analogy for most of our endeavors.

That’s why I’ve posted before about teaching people to fish and the differences between private sector and government fishing.

Democrats know the right bait for bottomfeeders
Fishing For Eaters And Takers

One thing about fishing, though is that you’ve got to use the right bait or you’re going home with an empty stringer or creel.

This is one thing you’v got to hand to the Democrats – they’ve known the right sorts of baits to use when fishing for Eaters, Takers, and all sorts of society’s bottom feeders. They’ve consistently reached their catch limits for generations.

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Fishing For Dinner

I’ve discussed one of my favorite past-times, fishing, before. Still, it bears pointing out that different people fish differently from each other.

Fishing - The People v. The Government
Fishing – The People v. The Government

That’s the way of it. We, the People fish in the river to feed ourselves whereas the government casts it’s line into our fishing baskets.

Of course, since the government maintains it power through either the tacit or explicit threat of force, what they do is closer to a canned hunt than fishing. Perhaps that sad fact is even the origin of the phrase, “Shooting fish in a barrel.” 😉

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The sea should always be respected and never taken for granted, even for a moment. Both wonders and perils lurk upon and beneath her waves and maneaters abound seeking easy prey.

Dangerous sea creatures - the sharks can be bad too
The Ocean Is Filled With Beauty And Danger

Oh yeah! Watch out for the sharks too, especially some of the larger varieties of hammerheads, since they can be dangerous as well if provoked. 😆

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Cast Drift And Lost

This post is solely due to the emotions that my friend – you don’t really know me so you don’t understand the weight of that word upon my soul - ichabod dredged up out of my memory by including a simple image in one of his articles.

I refer you, my valued reader, simply to this video – a rare glimpse of Canada’s Bluenose as she lived and loved upon the Widowmaker,

The Bluenose vs. Gertrude L. Thebaud

Years and years ago I stood the deck of the Bluenose II, which was a true replica of the original great lady of the Grand Banks. Standing there I wept. I wept with both the joy of her lines and life and with grief over Man’s casting her and her sisters aside along with the love of them in favor of the practicalities of modern maritime shipping.

I wept as I read and commented on ichabod’s article and I wept still as wrote this one.

I f you can’t understand why I weep without shame over the loss of these grand queens of the seas then the languages of our souls have too little in common with each others’ to ever truly understand each other.

I say that without reproach for I know that I’m a living, or plausible facsimile of living, atavism in this modern and needfully oh-so-practical world.

For those very few who will care, the Bluenose died in January of 1946 when she was gutted on a Haitian reef. With her died an era and large part, – in my estimation – of Man’s soul.

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