Awww, Snookums

Awww, Snookums

Personally, I love a woman who fishes – though some might not – and, being originally from the Gulf Coast of Florida, the snook was always the king of inshore fishing while I was growing up. So, any woman who fishes for snook has my attention.

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Carpa Dayam!

Carpa Dayam!
Carpa Dayam!

I do have a fondness for women who fish, though there’s some “issues” with them doing so with me. But a seriously hot babe who can noodle two good size carp at the same time and bring ’em in to shore? I’d seize her any day! 😉

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Son, She's A Keeper

Son, She’s A Keeper. Put A Ring On Her

One piece of advice I have for the young American men out there – If you can find a fine babe who can noodle a good-sized blue or flathead catfish, she’s a keeper. Put a ring on her quick as you can and get busy getting started on your family. Trust me, she’ll be the best thing you ever did. 😉

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Love The Ones Who Fish

Love The Ones Who Fish! I Certainly Do!

It’s not only Summer, when a lot of people limit their fishing to, it’s a three-day, holiday weekend for a lot of us in America. So, fishing seems like a great thing to do at least one of the days. And, if your woman loves to fish too, cleave unto her, marry her, and never let her go… or be an ass or bitch when she reels more or larger fish than you do. 😉

Love the ones who fish, for they are the living, breathing, beautiful proof of the Gods’ providence, mercy, and love.

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