A Happy & Hot Halloween

Have A Happy & Hot Halloween

What with The ‘Rona and all, Halloween may be less fun than normal. But here’s still hoping you all have a happy and hot Halloween.

Some Adjustment Will Be Needed This Halloween

I mean sure, some adjustments will need to be made. But Americans are nothing if not both stubborn and creative. We can not make do, we can overcome any and all obstacles fate or our enemies place before us.

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Bikini Interlude 46

Bikini Interlude – A Sansakini Edition

OK! We all love bikinis, especially the minimalist ones, but sometimes you just need to go without. 😉 Hence, this sans-a-kini bikini interlude.

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The Wise Man Knows

The Wise Man Knows It's Right To Stand Behind Strong American Women
The Wise Man Knows

‘Tis very true! The wise man knows that it’s right to stand behind strong, American women. We also have no qualms about following female leaders.

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Softporn 2020 And Beyond

Softporn 2020 And Beyond
Softporn 2020 And Beyond

COVID-19 along with the panic surrounding it has certainly changed the face of the nation. Hence, I’m betting that it has and will change the face – not that you’ll see them anymore – of porn, be it soft or hardcore.

For Better, Worse, Or Just Odd, Things Have Changed

We know that, for better, worse, or just odd, COVID-19 is going to change the entirety of the erotica and true pornography industries in the US. Largely, this is due to the concomitant facts that porn is the – to use business buzzspeak – one of the most agile and resilient industries in the nation, and both shapes and responds to society’s memes and mores.

I’m betting that the preferred positions will change somewhat, but I’m wondering if “raw” and/or “unprotected” with switch from denoting the lack of condom use to the lack of masks. 😆

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The Finest Canvases

There’s a decent chance that it will come as a shock to many that I’m quite fond of tattoos and tattooed women. Hell! Both of mine are fairly heavily tatted and one even has multiple decorative scarifications.

Women’s Skin – The Finest Canvases In Creation

Ah yes, a woman’s skin is the finest canvass in Creation, or so my beliefs inform me. 😉 And, at least so far as prurient voyeurism goes, I’d imagine that most men – and a not an inconsiderable number of women – agree with me.

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