March Or Not, Still Cold

March Or Not, It’s Still Cold

It may be March but, March or not, it’s still cold out there. Well, at least where I am it is. For those in the South, e.g., Houston, TX, things may be a bit different and warmer. But fortunately, both sweaters and thigh-high socks are wonderful and warming things. Hence, the ongoing cold weather can and should be enjoyed, not just endured.

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Easing Into Sweater Season

Easing Into Sweater Season

Well, it’s October 1 and the weather is cooling off nicely. That means it time for us all to start easing into sweater season. 😀

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Surprise Sweaters

Surprise Sweaters – Because Weather Is What It Is

Oh yeah! The weather is what the weather is and let no man say that he can predict it. So, with the sudden, unseasonable cold snap, it’s time for some surprise sweaters to warm us up.

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Still Need A Sweater

Spring May Be Coming But You Still Need A Sweater

That’s right. Spring is coming, but it’s still cold enough across large swaths of the Northern Hemisphere that you need a sweater. Fortunately, that’s far from being a bad thing overall. 😉

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Sweaters Are De Rigueur

Sweaters Are De Rigueur

As it’s the middle of December, for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere sweaters are de riguer, as are periodic sweater-based posts here at Reflections From A Murky Pond – though some specific compromises (#2, #9, and #10) are being made to accommodate more Southern readers.

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