Oh Snap! Cold Snap!

Oh Snap! Cold Snap! The Spring Was A Lie

Yep. That seemingly stable warming trend turned out to be False Spring and also showed us why it’s also called Fool’s Spring. Ah well, live, learn, and accept that we’re going to need to take sudden steps to “stay warm.” 😉

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First Sweaters Of Fall 2023

First Sweaters Of Fall 2023

This post may seem a bit odd, coming so close after the latest Bikini Interlude, but it’s most definitely sweater weather up here, whereas bikinis are suitable for the whole year if you put your creativity to work.

And, of course, staying just warm enough is one of the surest ways in Fall is a time-proven way for women being hot. 😀

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Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming – Break Out Your Sweaters

Winter is coming! And, not just according to the calendar. It’s getting pretty damn cold – at least up here in America’s Northeast. Definitely time for the ladies to break out the sweaters so we can all warm up. 😉

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Get Sweaterish!

It’s October. Get Sweaterish!

It’s October and, at least up here in the Northeast, it’s cooled off rather suddenly. So, get sweaterish.

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It's Spring! … Nope!

It’s Spring! It’s Spring! The long, cold winter of our discontent is over… or not. It being a week past March 20th, the official – read as titular – end of Winter doesn’t seem to mean squat to Gaia. 😉

It’s Spring! … Nope! Cold And Snow Are Coming

Alas, this is how the world works. Weather is what happens while “the experts” debate and attempt to predict the climate. 😆

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