If You're Cold

If You’re Cold, They’re Cold. Bring Them In

Remember, Gentlemen; if you’re cold, they’re cold. Bring them in and warm them up. 😉 And please do especially remember to show some compassion to those poor senoritas who aren’t used to our weather at all.

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First Sweaters Of Fall 2023

First Sweaters Of Fall 2023

This post may seem a bit odd, coming so close after the latest Bikini Interlude, but it’s most definitely sweater weather up here, whereas bikinis are suitable for the whole year if you put your creativity to work.

And, of course, staying just warm enough is one of the surest ways in Fall is a time-proven way for women being hot. 😀

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Don't Be Fooled

Don’t Be Fooled. Don’t Think Winter Is Over

Do yourself a favor. Don’t be fooled by any signs that the weather is currently warming. We’re in False Spring, also known as Fool’s Spring. It’s still Winter and, at any moment, the weather could shift back to frigid.

It’s Still Time For Sweaters

It’s still time for sweaters. You’ll likely regret it if you start packing them up for storage now. You’re going to want to wear them for a while yet.

Or, At The Very Least, Slide On Some High Socks

At the very least, if you’re hellbent on forgoing sweater, at least wear some thigh-high socks to keep your legs warm.

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Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming – Break Out Your Sweaters

Winter is coming! And, not just according to the calendar. It’s getting pretty damn cold – at least up here in America’s Northeast. Definitely time for the ladies to break out the sweaters so we can all warm up. 😉

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Get Sweaterish!

It’s October. Get Sweaterish!

It’s October and, at least up here in the Northeast, it’s cooled off rather suddenly. So, get sweaterish.

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