War, Treason, and Compassion

Their War & Biden's Treason
Their War & Biden’s Treason

Make no mistake about it. I fully consider the ongoing mass invasion of Central and South Americans into our country to be an act of war. And, the extortive list of monetary and political demands by the Mexican President to do anything to quell influx of invaders to equally and act of war. Similarly, I fully consider the Biden administrations dismantling of most of our nation’s protections at out southern border and their attacks upon state governments who stepped up to fill the gap to be acts of treason in every meaningful way except to particulars of that federal law.

But I Also Believe In Compassion

But, I also believe in compassion. As such, I fully endorse letting the women and children, especially the nubile women, into America. And, in their cases, I also fully endorse the stratagem put forth by some Democrat politicians to accept them into our homes. 😉

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