War, Treason, and Compassion

Their War & Biden's Treason
Their War & Biden’s Treason

Make no mistake about it. I fully consider the ongoing mass invasion of Central and South Americans into our country to be an act of war. And, the extortive list of monetary and political demands by the Mexican President to do anything to quell influx of invaders to equally and act of war. Similarly, I fully consider the Biden administrations dismantling of most of our nation’s protections at out southern border and their attacks upon state governments who stepped up to fill the gap to be acts of treason in every meaningful way except to particulars of that federal law.

But I Also Believe In Compassion

But, I also believe in compassion. As such, I fully endorse letting the women and children, especially the nubile women, into America. And, in their cases, I also fully endorse the stratagem put forth by some Democrat politicians to accept them into our homes. 😉

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Mitigating the Border Crisis

We have a serious and very long-running border crisis at the southern edge of America. It’s a problem that no Administration has been able to – in the case of the Dems, willing to – do anything about. And this is despite 57 year recorded history of Americans not generally being in favor of immigrants at all, much less the situation we have had for the past 16 – 20 years. But all that doesn’t mean we should make efforts at mitigating the border crisis.

Mitigating the Border Crisis

And yes, I think that our mitigation efforts should be centered on their women. After all, even Democrats favor – or, at least, use – the plight of women at our border to badger us into letting just anyone in. I’ve said before and still maintain that walls are needed but those walls need gates.

So, my fellow Americans – and by that I specifically mean My Fellow White Men – we need to be ready and willing to do the right thing and help these Latinas find a place in America. And, Gentlemen, make sure that our mitigating the border crisis is a long-term solution, not just a quick fix. 😉

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El Festival Más Caliente

Cinco de Mayo – El Festival Más Caliente

Ah yes! Once again it’s Cinco de Mayo, possible the hottest holiday ever created. Sadly, it may also be called el festival más racista jamás creado por Norteamérica, since it’s largely an American invention and is filled with some piss-poor stereotypes and tropes.

Hence, I’s rather use the day to celebrate the beauty of Latinas than to dress inappropriately and swill tequila, especially the cheap, nasty stuff that will be the unfortunate norm.

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Make Mine A Double


Make Mine A Double
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As I’ve stated before, I’m a fan of tequila. Some days though, especially in these times, I prefer to take it in double shots. 😉

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Men Like Dollies Too

Men Like Dollies Too

😈 Yes, despite the supposed gender norms, men like dollies too. And, what straight man wouldn’t want to play with Ms. Dolly Castro?

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