Lincoln Ten And Now

Lincoln Ten And Now
Lincoln Ten And Now

Hard to believe, but Abraham Lincoln, often called the Great Emancipator, is now apparently being targeted by some portion of the feral thugs of the #BlackLivesMatter cells. OK, not that hard to believe. He was, after all, allegedly White and, therefore, racist insofar as that sort are concerned.

Sick, twisted, deranged, but not something any American can really be surprised by anymore.

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2 Responses to “Lincoln Ten And Now”

  1. American Daze Purple Haze Says:

    These anarchists who tear down statues of heroes under the guise of blm are ripping the heart out of America and the liberal mayors and governors let them do it — and it will get worse if that corrupt Dem hack Biden gets elected.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Exactly True! This is something, and some things, Americans need to eradicate root and branch.

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