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During President Obama’s Jun 4, 2009 rambling, nuanced speech in Cairo, Egypt, he reiterate his oft-repeated talking point that America is not at war with Islam.

In Ankara, I made clear that America is not – and never will be – at war with Islam. We will, however, relentlessly confront violent extremists who pose a grave threat to our security. Because we reject the same thing that people of all faiths reject: the killing of innocent men, women, and children.

Sadly for the world President Obama is either lying or woefully wrong; America is, in harsh and unforgiving fact, at war with Islam and the Muslim World. It is a running war between two ideological antipodes, slavery and freedom; Islam and America. It will be fought in people’s hearts and minds, in the hoary halls of government, in the courts of law, and upon carnage littered battlefields until one side or the other is defeated and lays broken at the feet of the victor.

Diyar al-Insan (Houses of Man)

There are only two states, or Houses, for Man accepted by Islam – Submission and War. There is Dar al-Islam, the House of Islam and there is Dar al-Harb, the House of War. To the Muslim mind there can only be peace through utter and complete submission to their God, Allah and His church, Islam.

It does not seem to matter to many Muslims that Dar Al-Islam and Dar al-Harb are not mentioned in the Qur’an or Sunnah. They accept the division as created through Ijtihad (religious endeavor).

I also find it very telling that Muslim scholars chose Dar al-Harb, the House of War, for a description of their infidel neighbors instead of Dar al-Fitna, the House of Strife.

This is not a philosophical basis that allows for a separate peace. It allows only for conflict, on a variety of scales and levels, between Islam and America – along with the rest of the non-Islamic world.

Anwa al-Nas (Types of People)

There are only four classes of Man accepted by Islam – Faithful, Subjugated, Unbelievers, and Apostates. There is the Ummah Wahida, the One Community compromised of all Muslims. There are the Dhimmi, the People of the Books comprised of Christians and Jews who are accepted if they submit to Muslim rule. There are the kuff?r, the unbelievers or Pagans who must be converted or slain. And there are the Murtadd, the apostates against Islam who are to be killed, preferably by stoning or crucifixion.

I am a kafir, an unbeliever, a Pagan, and I’m proud of that fact. Since I would never convert to Islam, there is only one choice that Muslims can make in regards to me – to attempt to kill me.

There are also many other Atheists, Agnostics, and various forms of Pagans in America who would be in the same boat as myself. There’s no room for peace at that price.

This is another philosophical basis, one predicated on xenophobia, intolerance, insecurity, and the desire for conquest, that makes it impossible for there to be a true peace between America and the Muslim World. America is founded on certain freedoms and certain ideas of equality and of tolerance; those ideas are antithetical to Islam, though Muslims in America make full use of them for their own advantage.

Khalifat-ul Masih (Successor of the Messiah aka Caliph)

Islam is not a religion, or more accurately, Islam is not just a religion; it is a fully constructed method of society, empire and faith. Shari’a and the Caliphate are inseparable from Islam, or at least from full practice thereof.

When Muhammad died in 632 AD, he left behind a political organization that was entirely centered around him. He was a political and military leader and he was the source of revelation, a Prophet. His successors, the khulafaa, continued this form of government and law intertwined with religion for some years. Muslims still await the birth of the next Khalifat-ul Masih to come and usher in a new Golden Age for Islam.

Huzaifa narrated that the Messenger of Allah said: Prophethood will remain among you as long as Allah wills. Then khilafat on the lines of Prophethood shall commence, and remain as long as Allah wills. Then corrupt/erosive monarchy would take place, and it will remain as long as Allah wills. After that, despotic kingship would emerge, and it will remain as long as Allah wills. Then, the khilafat shall come once again based on the precept of Prophethood.

— Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal
Mishkat, chapter Al-Anzar wal Tahzir

Shari’a, and the Caliphate are core concepts and articles of doctrine within Muslim nations. These are all antithetical to America and to Americans who have the concept of the separation of Church hand State ingrained in them from earliest childhood. Irrespective of formal government stances, Americans will never be sanguine about the manner in which Islamic rule operates in the nations it dominates.

Jihad (Struggle)

And so there has been, is currently, and will be ongoing war (Jihad) between America and the Muslim World until one poses no further threat to the other. Despite Obama’s rhetoric of appeasement, which borders on accepting the yoke of the Dhimmi, this is inevitable. The jihad will be waged between our two opposing views by both Fedayin al-Islam and Fedayin al-Ameriki.

Both sides will wage Jihad al-Nafs (struggling against one’s self or desires) as they seek to remain true to their beliefs and not to take the easy road of capitulation or that of excessive brutality.

Both sides will engage in Jihad bi-al-Lisan (jihad of the tongue) and Jihad bi-al-Qalam (jihad of the pen) against the other. Indeed those battles have been ongoing in the media and the courts of the world for many decades already and will only intensify as time goes by.

Both sides will use Jihad al-yad (jihad of the hand) as they wield their wealth, science, and labor forces against each other.

And, sadly for many people, they shall also wage Jihad as-sayf (jihad of the sword) against each other. Blood will be spilled across the world and many widows and orphaned made in the course of the war between Islam and America.


So, in my opinion it was either disingenuous or foolishly ignorant for President Obama to claim that America was not at war with Islam and the Muslim World. Admittedly though, we’re not currently engaged in a shooting war (Jihad as-sayf) with the bulk of Islam.

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9 Responses to “The Muslim World”

  1. zhann Says:

    Islam is an interesting religion, to say the least. Aside from early forms of Judaism, of all the religions I have studied, Islam is the most violent. When a tome instructs their people on the proper methods of war, you have to be very careful.

    If Muslims would at least acknowledge the violence in their tome, there is a chance that over the next few generations the majority of the ultra-violent would become more passive. A major problem in their faith is that they refuse to acknowledge this fact, further encouraging others to ‘fight’ for their cause.

    Personally, I am against all forms of organized religion that have special privileges. Muslims enjoy unique rights throughout Europe, and the USA is also somewhat lenient to their methods. Since all religions receive the same treatment, it would be unjust to exclude Muslims. However, if governments accepted religion more as entertainment than as a way of life, the spread of Islam (and of course other religions) would decrease drastically.

    As for Obama, he is playing politician. The previous tactic of destroy all Muslims didn’t work, so now the bosses have decided to pacify Muslims. I find it extremely hard to believe that he believes what he is saying, but he is saying it to ‘hopefully’ convince the masses that he does in fact believe it.

    Don’t forget, the majority of the American people are lame sheep who will believe whatever is told to them by the Mass Media … if they say there is no war with Muslims, then there must not be a war, right? What about yesterday’s coverage of the 10 banks returning TARP funds? While Obama’s speech on Muslims is propaganda, yesterday he said that (I am paraphrasing) the people may actually make money on TARP … ????

    Those that haven’t already figured out that they are being manipulated by the Mass Media can’t be helped … all we can do is point out the obvious and ‘hope’ that at least one person out there somewhere catches on.

  2. chris Says:

    It is possible that Christian are at war with the Muslim world. I personally am not and I am an American and support Obama on these comments ( I happen to be white so I guess those claims that I might be biased if I am of the same race of President Obama will not fly).

    History has shown that Christians and Muslims have been at each others throats throughout history. Maybe if i was a Christian like all those around me, I would be filled with hate and the need to kill those of another religion. Thankfully, I am not. But then again, I can’t say the crusades was a war against just Muslims, the Christians waged war against pagan slavs, jews, mongols, hussites, old prussians, waldenians and even russian/greek orthodox christians. Time is slow to change such behaviors and support for such ideas that lead to these inhuman and immoral acts for which they claim their respective Gods support. Not too much unlike the claim of George Bush, our Christians president that took us to war against mostly muslims based on lies that lead to killing (thou shalt not kill) and torture (love your enemies, do unto others…) and that was apparently supported by his version of the Christian God, and the overwhelming number of Christians that elected him and re-elected him. Nothing says, I follow jesus like killing and torture, especially when the muslims worship the wrong God….right? haha

  3. chris Says:

    Zhann, I would personally think that the Christians also need to admit their apparent support for events that made it possible to go to war in iraq based on lies that lead to suffering and death of even babies and if they would admit how this support and apparent silence on the matter of torture while making excuses for it then both sides might start to work together.

    But really, lets be honest, there is a history of hate, killing, torture all in the name of superior morals on their perspective gods on both sides. When individuals are ignorant enough to kill others over something they believe but have yet to provide a shred of evidence to prove, then this will continue. It is rather primitive and sad to watch it take place and then attempt to explain it to my children.

    Like George Bush, I will give Obama some time as it is only fair to give him a couple of years or a single term to fix things. The amount of time he has spent working and the things he has done, good or bad, indicates to me he is serious. Additionally, as the first black american president i would guess her personally doesn’t want to go down historically as a failure.

    I did enjoy how some politicians keep claiming Obama is a muslim. As if that makes any difference than claiming he is Christian. There are good and bad and extreme on both sides. What difference does it make what version of God he follows as long as he is honest and doing his best to do what is best for America. The american people clearly wanted him in office so i’ll give him a chance. I don’t agree with giving money to car companies or banks as we can clearly see what happens when we give rich people more money. Bonuses for everyone, trips, new furniture and offices while some can’t feed their families or pay for their home.

    Insurance companies and doctors are another story. i was without insurance for a period of a year and I couldn’t get treatment when needed. kids can’t get the attention they need. when i was younger, i had a mole removed. I went to the doctor to ask how much to have a mole removed from my chin and one form the back of my neck. he told me it would cost 75 dollars a mole. sounded reasonable as i kept cutting it by accident when shaving or trimming my hair. so he scheduled it and i showed up at the place where he performed the removal. they called me in before the procedure and showed me the bill. the doctor scheduled a procedure in an operation center but could have done it in his office as he told me prior to this. the cost was 12,000 dollars. I spoke very loudly and exposed what they were attempting to do and they wanted to take me into a private room to discuss it. they notice i would not go and then said, but you don’t have to pay for it, you only have to pay 75 dollars and your insurance takes care of the rest.
    NO wonder it is so expensive to insure our families. Doctors and the insurance company are aware of this and don’t care about you or me.

  4. jonolan Says:


    Where and when did Christianity enter into this post. Whether or not Christendom is at war with Islam is immaterial. What is important in this context is that Islam and America are essentially at war.

    Please remember that war, especially to the Islamic mind, is fought on many levels and only some of them involve slaughter – as I pointed out by way of explanation in the post.

  5. chris Says:

    I would think it entered when someone started to discuss religion. However, if you don’t care for people linking Christians to religion then that is a problem I guess you need to deal with yourself. Islam and America are not at war but Christians and Muslims have been at war throughout history. This is just a fact. America is at war with extremist that follow some sect of yet another religion.

    I have yet to hear anyone say, America is at war with Islam, except you and a few small voices.

    Please understand that Christians are at war with Muslims at many levels as well and at war with agnostics like me at many levels and not all involve slaugther. But their God provided a good example of how to slaughter, didn’t he?

    Each group can define “war” as they wish. Please remember that not ALL Islam is at war with America just like not ALL Christians are not at war with Islam.

    The fact that Christians are and have been at war with Islam is material and rather important. You can ignore it if you want, I don’t really care one way or the other.

    “essentially” at war? give me a break. God is essentially real, I just can’t prove it.

  6. rayon soleil Says:

    I am a Muslim, from a 3rd world country (i dont mind to say this to show you here i am the real Muslim from ‘Muslim world’…he he) , and i am, like majority people back there give full support to Obama this time. Do you aware of this phenomene ? If as you said, Muslims are at war with America, why we support and have an optimism on president Obama would bring any changes today ? What kind of war is that ? Or it is an indication that we don’t generalized Americans must be all like Bush who love war.

    I like the speech of Obama because it gave the peaceful spirit into people’s mind, even you doubt him as lied or whatever, then that’s still a lot more better than echoing we’re at war or there is war going on.

    you said : “I am a kafir, an unbeliever, a Pagan, and I’m proud of that fact. Since I would never convert to Islam, there is only one choice that Muslims can make in regards to me – to attempt to kill me.”

    oh … really ? my advice : don’t watch Geert Wilder’s film too much…you become such a paranoid, my friend.

  7. jonolan Says:


    You’re the first self proclaimed agnostic I’ve met with your particular level of displayed hatred for Christianity. It’s interesting in a way; I’m only used to seeing that from the more militant followers of Atheism.

    But America and Islam are at war, far more so than Christendom and Islam are. The ideals of the two entities are too antipodal to be any other way. Islam cannot tolerate America’s free and open ways – which admittedly include a fair amount of bad along with the goof – and America cannot tolerate the repression found in Islam.

    When you look at Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen, and Iran (just to name a few) and how most Americans feel about how they treat their people in the name of Islam and Shari’a, I don’t think you can say we’re only at war with extremists. We’re just only shooting at extremists.

    Rayon Soleil,

    You bring up an interesting point. Why do you like Obama and his pretty words? What do you and yours hope to gain from him and his methods?

  8. ichabod Says:

    I know Rayon Soleil and have many conversations with her. Her Islam and the one you describe are different, not that either of you are wrong.

    It is an excellent article you wrote and one can see truth in it, but in all things there are no absolutes including faith.

    I believe there are extremist Muslims at war with America, in all forms and this economic mess forcing millions from middle class status will aggravate the situation immensely, allowing the extremists to get a foothold.

    Yet there are many who profess to be Muslim who have no taste for aggression for any reason aside from self defense.

    If you are right in your article, this will end up being a war which will ultimately be called “Holy”.

  9. Focus On The Problem | Reflections From a Murky Pond Says:

    […] America and the Civilized world is not dealing with a criminal problem stemming from Islam and the Muslims;  it’s engaged in a war, a war the Muslim animals have couched in what passes for their religious terms – Jihad. […]

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