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On Christmas day, 2009, a filthy bush monkey jihadi and Al-Qaeda recruit from the cesspit of Nigeria, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, tried to destroy a passenger jet as it came in to land at Detroit Airport. It tried to do so by detonating 80g of explosives sewn into its underpants. It failed.

The passengers and crew of Northwest flight 253, led by the brave Jasper Schuringa, captured the piece of filth after its crotch bomb failed to properly detonate and it was later turned over to the authorities upon landing.

My only issue is that it was turned over to its new zookeepers intact. While it had to be kept alive and able to respond to interrogation, it certainly didn’t need its eyes, genitals, or hands.

By Morrigu, if I had the opportunity, I would mutilate the animal – to ensure that it was safe to handle, as an object lesson for its nestmates, and to prevent it from ever again mocking humanity by looking a human in the eye, breeding more misborn crotch-droppings, or using tools.

The creature’s failed act of terrorism has raised some serious concerns about America’s and the Civilized World’s security policies. Sadly, members of my own titular political party, the GOP, have focused on the wrong issue. They’re complaining that the vermin was allowed to board flight 253 since it was on the Terror Watch List and its father – or at least the male that its mother claimed rutted it into her – had reported its jihadi tendencies to American authorities.

This is completely the wrong question and the wrong complaint. It reeks of both hyperpartisanship and seeking the easy, politically safe answer to the problem facing America and the Civilized World.

It’s easy to end up one the Terrorist Identities Datamart Environment (TIDE) watch list. There are over 500K individuals on that list for a variety of reasons of varying degrees of merit. That is why the TIDE watch list is not the same thing as the “No Fly” list.

There are less than 4,000 of the names on the “No Fly” list and only another 14,000 names are on the “Selectee” list, which calls for mandatory secondary screening.

There just wasn’t enough evidence to place the diseased bush monkey, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab on the “No Fly” or “Selectee” lists.

There was not enough negative information to include his name in a subset of that group, the Terrorist Screening Data Base (TSDB) that has more than 400,000 individuals and is the main identities database within the U.S. government for international terrorism, the official said.

Less than 4,000 of the names in the TSDB are on the “No Fly” list and another 14,000 names are on the “Selectee” list, which calls for mandatory secondary screening, the official said.

“There was insufficient derogatory information available on the subject at that time to include him in the TSDB or its ‘no fly’ or ‘selectee’ lists,” the official said. “Thus, he was not watchlisted as of 25 December 2009.

That is likely how it should be, despite the risks entailed. America and the Civilized World shouldn’t be concentrating on keeping the 500K+ individuals on the TIDE list from flying on airlines. Such a concern is – very obviously in the wake of recent jihadi attacks and near misses by Muslim terrorists – ineffectual.

No; the Civilized World, and especially America, needs to focus on the problem. That problem is the fact that this creature managed to board an airline with approximately 80g of pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN) in his underwear and a syringe filled with the needed catalyst.

Since Al-Qaeda has used it before, I would guess that the catalyst was triacetone triperoxide (TATP).  TATP is, as explosives go, easy enough to make that even a Muslim cur can hope to do so safely.

Both the failed “Shoe Bomber” and the vermin who downed Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland used PETN / TATP binary explosives. The combination of PETN and TATP is the new cocktail favorite among Muslim terrorists .

We need to get over it and stop kowtowing to the puling Liberals, their jabbering minority sharecroppers, and their terrorist allies, CAIR. There is no reason for our criminally lax and misapplied transit security measures other than the stupidity of political correctness.

America and the Civilized world is not dealing with a criminal problem stemming from Islam and the Muslims;  it’s engaged in a war, a war the Muslim animals have couched in what passes for their religious terms – Jihad.

We peoples of the Earth may not have started the war or wished for it to happen in the first place. We’re, however, stuck with it and, if we hope to finish it and provide a free and secure future for our children, we must accept that the war exists and treat all situations pertaining to it in a fitting manner.

Some Simple, Pragmatic Security Measures:

Firstly and fundamentally, we need to curtail or severely limit the issuance of travel and work visas to individuals from dangerous nations. That would include the entirety of the Middle-East, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia Minor along with parts of other regions.

We didn’t allow free and largely unregulated travel from Germany and Japan during WW2, nor did we allow such from the USSR during the Cold War. This war is little or no different from those at the functional security level.


Secondly and more pragmatically, we need to focus our transit security measures on Muslims. Individuals from Muslim nations, individual with Muslim names, and individuals whose appearance is of Muslim nature. Yes, we need to profile these individuals and focus our efforts upon them – the problem and the threat – rather than artificially diluting our security efforts for the sake of Liberal sensitivities.

That means automatic security screening of Muslims at all transit nexuses, especially ingress and egress points into civilized nations. It means presentation of IDs and visual verification their identities, i.e., the required removal of the hijab in the case of their females. It means automatic physical searches of Muslims attempting to utilize transit nexuses and that these physical searches incorporate: pat downs, partial strip searches of Muslims in particularly concealing raiment, and the routine use of metal detectors, chemical sensors, and bomb dogs on Muslim travelers.

I’m not utterly insensitive to Muslim body taboos. Searches that interfere with their prejudices should be done in private and by the appropriately gendered security personnel.

Face it, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and the military profile individuals all the time in the course of executing their duties. Indeed, the “profile” of a serial killer was publish separately by both Dr. Jack A. Apsche and Dr. Eric W. Hickey in the 1990’s and nobody complained.

The Liberals did not complain about this racial and gender profiling because the profile of a serial killer is a White male in his 20s to 30s who is quiet and tends to keep to himself. In the minds of the Liberals and their jabbering minority sharecroppers it’s only wrong and politically incorrect if the ones being profiled aren’t Whites.

All the questions about why this thing, Abdul Farouk Abdulmutallab, was allowed to fly on an airline to a civilized nation with impunity are moot and misguided. The real question was why any Muslim or resident of a heavily or primarily Muslim nation was allowed to do so without appropriate security screening.

This is a war, a jihad being waged by Muslim filth against the Civilized World by means of terrorism. The absolutely necessary constraints placed upon law enforcement measures do not apply and must not be misapplied in this matter.

Indeed, despite the expected rantings from the Leftists and the ever-eager-to-rage minorities, no true Color of Law is even being applied in the course of the security measures that I propose be enacted. There is no valid reason to rail about, “innocent until proven guilty” because there is no de facto application of criminal charges.

In point of fact, no civilian charges need to be brought at all. This is a war and, as such, the enemy should be treated as a enemy combatant who eschewed the wearing of a uniform or distinctive badge and deliberately attacked purely civilian targets…

One cannot rationally complain about, “unlawful search and seizure” unless one is willing to claim that all transit security measures are unconstitutional, illegal, and wrong. That’s something that no sane person – or even most Liberals – would do.

The only complaint that can be put forth against properly profiling Muslims who attempt to travel to or within the Civilized World is that it is “profiling” and, except when applied to Whites, violates the tenets of political correctness.

I, for one, am utterly unwilling to entertain for even one bare moment the idea that maintaining political correctness is a valid reason for putting women and children at increased risk from Muslim terrorism. The Liberals seem to sanguine about a second 9/11 but I and the American population are far less so.

Focus on the problem and deal with it in a manner that provides the greatest chance of permanently eliminating the threat of Muslim terrorism!

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3 Responses to “Focus On The Problem”

  1. Elric66 Says:

    The problem is islam.

  2. Nabiha Meher Says:


    As someone with a Muslim background, and as a person who has a practising Muslim mother and sister, I find this article very insulting and racist. You have called us all creatures and vermin based on what faith we were born into. My mother or sister would never, ever hurt even a fly.

    How dare you decide that just because someone is Muslim, they WILL terrorise. And to say we’re “un-civilised” is also quite insulting… Just the words filthy bush monkey are bad enough… I am not religious, and never have been, but I don’t think the problem is Islam.

    The problem is Wahabi Islam. Sufi Islam, the background many of us come from, is very tolerant and peaceful. In Sufi Islam, God is love and as long as you devote your life loving God, therefore all creatures, then you’re fine. Killing would never, ever be tolerated.

    Please realise that when people talk about Muslims like this, you are really proving to even the moderate ones that you really don’t care. And there are MILLIONS of liberal, secular thinking Muslims. That you would like to shoot me in the head because of what I look like.

    I don’t ever come to the US on principle because I refuse to have my humanity and dignity compromised. We all want to feel safe, but not at the cost of dehumanising and degrading others. Not at the cost of deep violation of human rights.

    I’m sorry if I sound like I’m rambling. I’m still trying to digest your clearly xenophobic words and wounded by them. To think you want to mutilate and torture us based on the actions of a few idiots… we, Pakistanis, are being killed left, right and centre by these fundamentalists. We hate them too. They’re all over. But… over 700 innocent Pakistanis were killed by US drone attacks in this year alone. Only a dozen terrorists were killed in these attacks.

    It just sickens me how little our lives are valued. If we will continue to be treated like such shit, how can you expect us to not want to harm those who are oppressing us? It’s human nature to only cooperate with those who you feel will benefit you- not kill you. And if you want us to behave and become “civilised” then stop treating us like animals and telling us that we’re apes who deserved to be killed just because the US says so.

    I’m someone who always speaks up against some of the rabid anti-Americanism here, but how will I be able to placate anyone who reads this and is convinced that Muslims and Islam are in danger? How will I prevent them from going running to the other side? How will I live with myself knowing that their anger is as justified as yours?

    John, you’ve read my work for a long time. Am I a rabid monkey? An uncivilised terrorist? Do I sound like someone who would pick up a gun? Or someone who would preach violence? Do I sound less intelligent than anyone else because I’m Brown?

    I, for one, am very proud of my family’s background as one of the earliest Muslims in the sub-continent. The women of the family were in politics, education, philosophy… they were writers and matriarchs. And they were deeply Muslim but they never, ever thought, for a minute, that they were better than anyone else. Actually the women had even more rights than the women in the West at the time. They had the right to own property and get inheritance.

    To say that Islam and Muslims are the problem is too simplistic and I’m afraid you’ll be quite unsuccessful unless you start becoming more sympathetic.

    Why isn’t anyone talking about how Saudi Arabia is a massive problem? Where do you think funding for Wahabi brainwashing and terrorism comes from? I know the West knows this, but will happily roll out the red carpet when the Sheikhs arrive, too scared to piss them off because of all their money and oil.

    Killing innocent Pakistanis, for example, will not EVER eliminate the problem. The root is Saudi Arabia and Wahabi Islam, which the US is watering instead of plucking out!

    NOTE: This comment has been edited for format. The content, with the exception of two(2) spelling changes, has been unaltered.

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