Modern History

Modern History Explained
Modern History Explained

A simple infographic to explain modern history – both Man’s and Muslims’ – in a simple, easy to understand manner. It’s not pretty, but the truth rarely is.

Remember, it should come as no surprise that the Muslims and their allies in the Civilized World (Dar al-saalihin) have to – and regularly do in arguments – have to reach back centuries to find examples of anything good or “progressive” that came out of the Muslim World (Dar al-Alhawam). Similarly, they have to go back just about as far to find examples of Man behaving as Muslims do now.

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Missed The Memo

Muslims Missed The Memo
Muslims Missed The Memo

Yeah, Muslims missed that whole “Coexist” memo… or they, as is normal for their breed, just couldn’t read it. But, on the brighter side, Man is beginning to understand that, if they won’t coexist, we don’t have to allow them to continue to exist at all. 😉

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Double Loyalty?

Double Loyalty
Jews In Congress Have Double Loyalty?

It’s a bit ironic that Tlaib and Omar, both with deep ties to foreign groups and Muslim Organizations have issues with Jews being allowed to serve in Congress, claiming that they have “Double Loyalty” – .presumably to both the US and Israel. Well, it would be ironic if they weren’t just jabbering genocidal, antisemitism – genocidal antisemitism which is major part of the core orthodoxy of Islam and Islamic law.

The only problem with this political cartoon is that it, in my opinion, implies that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar also have “double loyalty.” This seems far from factual to me since I firmly and sincerely disbelieve that either of these two bints have any loyalty to America at all. And how could they be loyal in the first place when by blood, by birth, and by creed they were created and raised to America’s enemies? That they our nation’s, our people’s, and our allies enemies was a foregone conclusion.

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But Israel Is Racist

But Israel Is Racist When They Do It
But Israel Is Racist

Ah, the consistent illogic and bias of Anti-Semites worldwide, and especially those polluting our nation with their living within its borders. The Muslims of both the West Bank and the Palestinian Authority have long ago codified that the official religion of their areas is Islam and their official language is Arabic, and this is somewhere between A-OK and ignored by the Left, who hate Israel and any Jews who are insufficiently Leftist and critical of Israel’s existence. And, at the same time, Israel being formally a Jewish nation and having Hebrew as its national language is by their accounting racist – an example in their hate-filled minds of how Israel is an apartheid state.

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FYI It's Ramadan

It's Ramadan - No Oral Until Sunset
It’s Ramadan – No Oral Until Sunset
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The month-long “holiday” of Ramadan does present Muslims with a few issues. 😉 Combined with Islamic fiqh on other forms of intercourse, this makes for a potential boring month.

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