Dems Funded Hamas

Dems Funded Hamas... Sort Of, Maybe
Dems Funded Hamas… Sort Of, Maybe

Creepy Uncle Joe and Co. have come under significant fire for unfreezing $6bn of Iran’s monies and increasing their allowed oil exports by 400% in the course of making yet another weak and very bad deal for the release of prisoners from Iran. The claim is that they funded and made possible Hamas’ recent heinous attack upon Israelis.

The Biden Administration must be held accountable for its appeasement of these Hamas terrorists, including handing over billions of dollars to them and their Iranian backers

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA-1)

Of course, the current regime categorically denies this and claims that it’s all lies spun by evil Republicans. 🙄

Let’s be clear: the deal to bring U.S. citizens home from Iran has nothing to do with the horrific attack on Israel. Not a penny has been spent, and when it is, it can only go for humanitarian needs like food and medicine. Anything to the contrary is false.

State Department spokesperson, Matthew Miller

Of course, there’s three problems with these denials:

Firstly, every one of them is coming from government operatives who are, at least titularly, beholden to Joe Biden’s administration for their livelihoods. And, every one of them is the sort who – fairly rightly – staunchly support a moderately placid status quo and who would be loath to admit to such a grievous error on the part of the government. Simply put, we really can’t trust that what they’re saying is the actual truth instead of a carefully selected and presented set of facts.

Secondly, this entire claim that they didn’t end up funding Hamas is predicated upon a gross oversimplification of real-world finance. One, money is fungible and every cent of that $6bn spent upon approved humanitarian effort frees a cent of Iran’s money to spent elsewhere, e.g., international, Muslim terrorism. And two, even untouched – as the government claims these monies are to-date – that $6bn can be leveraged and used to secure loans, including loans using the Muslim method, hawala, which difficult if not impossible to trace.

Thirdly, Biden’s government’s denials – and the GOP’s accusations – totally ignore that Biden and Co. have allowed Iran to export far more oil than the sanctions allow, most of going to China. Even if that $6bn of unfrozen money didn’t pay for Hamas’ attack upon the Jews of Israel, the money from those oil exports certainly could have, and likely did.

Truthfully, the one thing that they could have said that would likely be true is that Hamas’ attack was already planned and set to go off and was not predicated upon the release of that $6bn by Biden and Co.. It is possible, though I have no idea how probable, that the only way the prisoner deal and the attack might have been related is that Iran jiggered the timing of the deal so that it happened right before the attack in order to cause the most chaos and embarrassment for the US government.

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