Asian Beauty

Asian beauty standards are somewhat similar to Western beauty standards, but seem more narrowly defined and rigid than what is “required” in the West.” Most Asian cultures require: very pale skin; a heart-shaped face with a narrow chin; double eyelids; a high-bridged, slender nose; mid-sized-to-large breasts. a slim figure with no visible muscle tone; and long, straight hair.

Asian Beauty Standards

Hehe… I’m not going to trouble myself to lie; I think this is an attractive beauty standard, though I’m not overly sold on the slim with no muscle tone part. I do prefer women who are bit more “fit” and/or “robust.” But, it’s still better than the Eurocentric, now largely deprecated – and possibly soon to be illegal, western beauty standard.

Leaving the slim-soft vs. slim-toned personal preference aside, and leaving the pale skin bit aside too, due to this being a normal thing for agrarian and recently agrarian societies, the only issues I have with Asian beauty standards are they’re too rigid – there isn’t really any alternative standards like the US has – and they’re quite unnatural for the Asian phenotype. That unnatural bar, combined with the issue that is Sheng nu (剩女), is something to be derided.

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4 Responses to “Asian Beauty”

  1. Tyler, the Portly Politico Says:

    I for one welcome our new Chinese overlords.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Hehe. I actually view this particular variety of orthocegenation as a means of combating said Chinese overlords. If we take their women, especially the Sheng nu who produce 40% of China's GDP, we'd be striking a huge blow against the PRC and the Han in general.

  3. Tyler, the Portly Politico Says:

    I am glad to do my part. Let us thrust ever onward towards freedom for the women of China!

  4. jonolan Says:

    That's good. More of us – and, by that, I mean all of us – need to do so. I mean, I've done my part and am still doing my part. The rest need to step up too.

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