Modern Tolerance

Modern Tolerance
Modern Tolerance

Modern tolerance as violently preached by the Left, much like diversity and/or inclusion is only such if one considers the Orwellian language, Newspeak to be acceptable and proper. The word is a shibboleth for our domestic enemies, but it is very, very, very much “doubleplusungood.”

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From The River To The Sea

From The River To The Sea
From The River To The Sea

From the river to the sea, this land is the land of the Jews, Israel. And, even that is a compromise caused by millennia of foreign oppression of the Jewish people and the perfidy of anti-Semite European powers.

Of course, all the pro-Hamas sorts, i.e., Democrats, will instantly declare this image and post as being genocidal hate speech… and they will do so with an utter and total lack of irony. 🙄

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Dems' Evidentiary Progress

Dems' Evidentiary Progress
Dems’ Evidentiary Progress

When it comes to the impeachment of Joe Biden for a plethora of high crimes, the Dems have made great progress in processing with the evidence against him… Not, of course, that it matters one way or another. Biden could be caught raping his son, Hunter’s five year-old crack baby and the Dems in the House would fight the indictment and those in the Senate would block the conviction.

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Double Loyalty?

Double Loyalty
Jews In Congress Have Double Loyalty?

It’s a bit ironic that Tlaib and Omar, both with deep ties to foreign groups and Muslim Organizations have issues with Jews being allowed to serve in Congress, claiming that they have “Double Loyalty” – .presumably to both the US and Israel. Well, it would be ironic if they weren’t just jabbering genocidal, antisemitism – genocidal antisemitism which is major part of the core orthodoxy of Islam and Islamic law.

The only problem with this political cartoon is that it, in my opinion, implies that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar also have “double loyalty.” This seems far from factual to me since I firmly and sincerely disbelieve that either of these two bints have any loyalty to America at all. And how could they be loyal in the first place when by blood, by birth, and by creed they were created and raised to America’s enemies? That they our nation’s, our people’s, and our allies enemies was a foregone conclusion.

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Of Skeletons & Closets

Of Skeletons & Closets - Contrasting Results
Of Skeletons & Closets – Contrasting Results

Two men, President Trump and Joe Biden, two closets, two sets of restricted and controlled documents inappropriately in their possession, and two very different results and reactions. But then, this is what happens when the Democrats weaponize as much of the Deep State as possible in order to target and persecute someone.

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