You Missed, Bitches

You Missed, Bitches
You Missed, Bitches

This image! This image perfectly sums up President Trump’s reaction to his attempted assassination – and pretty much the entirety of the Democrats’ ongoing pogrom against him. You missed.

As the majority of Black men on various social media platforms, especially TikTok – so, take it with a whole salt lick, not just a grain – have said, that nigga be gangsta as fuck! And yeah, accepting the differences in vernacular and outlook, a majority of people in the world seem to have the same feelings.

The absolute disrespect that President Trump showed for being shot is astounding. And it was disrespect. He showed absolutely no respect for- or concern about his potential death or how close he came to it already.

Trump’s Disrespect Saved Democrats’ Lives

Every Democrat and likely/presumed Democrat should be thankful for President Trump’s total lack of respect. If he respected the attack upon him and called for action and reprisal when he stood upon in defiance, at this point, 5 days into it, we’d be several million deep into the Democrat body count.

At a very conservative estimate, there would have been 1.5 million Americans armed and willing to end the Democrat Problem once and for all. That’s 2/3rds of the total combined forces of the US military, and approximately 5 times the US military’s combined combat troops. Even if the entirety of them sided against the enraged American people, they couldn’t stop the bloodbath that would have happened all across the nation.

But, the Dems’ radicalized shill missed and President Trump didn’t care enough or have enough respect for the attack in that moment to give a flying fuck or even respond in anger. And that saved countless lives, both American and Democrat, and kept this nation from embarking on a pogrom of annihilation that could have very well brought the world to its knees.

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Trump’s Conviction Explained

Trump's Conviction Explained
Trump’s Conviction Explained

Not much more needs to be said on the Democrats’ conviction of President Trump for 34 charges related to Stormy Daniels’ claim that he falsified business records in relation to a hush money payment made to the mattress actress back in 2016 in order to buy her silence of an alleged past affair.

The Democrats simply destroyed one of the underpinnings of American democracy by eradicating the credibility of the US courts system with their unending lawfare against President Trump, after they and their media made absolutely sure to explicitly paint President Trump as an existential threat to democracy, thereby ensuring that in no case could he ever get a fair trial.

And, do be sure that the thing sitting as a judge in the kangaroo court, Juan Merchan will sentence President Trump to imprisonment or some other form of restriction to make it impossible or nearly impossible for him to campaign in the 2024 elections. After all, that’s the primary point of the Democrats’ rape of America’s legal system.

The real question remaining is how she we, the People respond, and what reprisals shall we enact upon these domestic enemies of America?

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Just Another College Student

Just Another College Student
Just Another College Student

Sadly, this isn’t newsworthy any longer. It’s just another college student on a campus – this particular one happens to at NYU in Manhattan – openly calling for the death of Jews. It’s not even particularly unusual or brazen for it be waving a sign indicating that Jews are trash to be disposed of. This is the current normal.

Understand that almost 2/3rds of college students believe that Hamas’ Oct 7th attack was genocidal, but just over half of them believe that it was justified. But, of course, just over half of college students are adamant that Israel is committing genocide and that there can be no justification for it.

This is what the colleges and universities, all committed to Leftist ideologies, have wrought. This is what they endorse. This is damn close to being what they demand, given how they attack any other position.

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All Valid Targets

All Valid Targets For "Direct Action"
All Valid Targets For “Direct Action”

That is the truth, despite what Democrats’ laws say to the contrary. Every single thing protesting Israel’s right to exist and the Jews’ within its border the right to life, along with the kith and kin of these vermin, are valid targets for what they euphemistically call “Direct Action.” They need to be ended by any means necessary and with whatever level of prejudice and creativity we, the People decide upon.

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Why Nits Make Lice

Why Nits Become Lice
Why Nits Make Lice

Whenever one is faced with a multi-generational conflict, especially an existential one, one is faced with the question of why “nits make lice” – why does the conflict keep going? The answer is easy, especially so in the case of the Gazans. They’re raised to be such and perpetuate the hate. It’s also why there are at this point no true civilians in Gaza. Nits are raised to be lice and they have been for generations.

This is reality. They cannot be turned. They must be exterminated
This Is Reality

Yes; sadly the above is reality. It is a scene from an elementary school play in Gaza. Equally sadly and far more maddening is the fact that the pro-Hamas, anti-semites – all of whom happen to be Democrats in the US – scream out about supposed genocide and the murder of children when these nits fall in war.

Nits make lice if they’re raised to do so. Don’t cry when they’re killed off to end the infestation. You should have cried out and stepped in when the previous generation started turning them.

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