Presidential Products

Presidential Products
Presidential Products – ‘Riding with Biden’

Nothing really new about this, but it’s still funny. Or, it would be if it wasn’t to be expected that the sorts who we’ve allowed into our children’s schools would be passing these out to grade school kids.

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Why Nits Make Lice

Why Nits Become Lice
Why Nits Make Lice

Whenever one is faced with a multi-generational conflict, especially an existential one, one is faced with the question of why “nits make lice” – why does the conflict keep going? The answer is easy, especially so in the case of the Gazans. They’re raised to be such and perpetuate the hate. It’s also why there are at this point no true civilians in Gaza. Nits are raised to be lice and they have been for generations.

This is reality. They cannot be turned. They must be exterminated
This Is Reality

Yes; sadly the above is reality. It is a scene from an elementary school play in Gaza. Equally sadly and far more maddening is the fact that the pro-Hamas, anti-semites – all of whom happen to be Democrats in the US – scream out about supposed genocide and the murder of children when these nits fall in war.

Nits make lice if they’re raised to do so. Don’t cry when they’re killed off to end the infestation. You should have cried out and stepped in when the previous generation started turning them.

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Hard To Believe

Hard To Believe, Isn't It?
Hard To Believe, Isn’t It?

Yes, every single right-thinking, sane American finds it incredibly hard to believe that, as a country, we seem to have degenerated to the point where a parent is allowed to chemically castrate their child – at a minimum – but spanking – or applying almost any form of discipline – is considered abuse.

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Flagging As The Enemy

Flagging As The Enemy
Flagging As The Enemy

While this editorial cartoon is specifically aimed at the recent evil in Colorado where a 12 year-old boy was suspended from school for wearing a backpack with a Gadsen flag patch on it, it also fits with the vast majority of the anti-White, anti-Male, anti-American crap that what we’ve allowed to have access to our children are doing in the Democrat-ruled school systems today.

They are flagging as the enemy of America.

In these degenerate times, if parents just assumed that every teacher and administrator in the public school system was a White-hating, pedophile or #groomer, socialist, one would be right often enough to make a positive difference in our children’s and our nation’s future. This is doubly true if they would finally take appropriately harsh action upon those beliefs in order to teach these filth a lesson that the survivors among them will long remember.

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Liberals' Library Programs

Liberals' Library Programs
Liberals’ Library Programs

With more and more states and localities coming to their senses and properly banning drag queens – in their performance outfits – being inflicted upon our children, liberal libraries and schools will most likely cast their deceptions aside and double down on their attempts to corrupt and defile America’s young.

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