Presidential Products

Presidential Products
Presidential Products – ‘Riding with Biden’

Nothing really new about this, but it’s still funny. Or, it would be if it wasn’t to be expected that the sorts who we’ve allowed into our children’s schools would be passing these out to grade school kids.

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Liberals' Sex-Ed

The Future Of Liberals' Sex-Ed
The Future Of Liberals’ Sex-Ed

Quite honestly, the way Liberals and Progressives are pushing sex and sexuality onto school children and earlier and earlier ages, I wouldn’t be surprised if this did become part of high school sex-ed curriculum.

Then again, now that I think of it, applied sex-ed might be something other than a totally bad thing. 😆

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They're Teaching Our Kids

They’re Teaching Our Kids

Normal, right-thinking adults don’t try to introduce sex, sexuality, or sexual identification to young children. Normal, right-thinking adults know that there’s little no age-appropriate “sexual education” for children that young. On the other hand, perverts and predators do exactly that if given the chance to do so. So do sociopolitically motivated sorts who want to create a world more friendly to sexual deviancy and assault, and they’re teaching our kids right now.

This Is Sick And It’s Not OK

And this whole, growing phenomenon of drag queens having a story hours and teaching session with little kids? That’s sick. That’s not in any way OK! Not when the purpose is to introduce sex and sexual identity to very young children. And especially not when drag queens are the most extreme and poorest – quite often false – examples of the trans.

But, of course, the Left – though apparently and, if so, logically, not the queers therein – are all for it and want this sort of thing expanded upon and entrenched in our schools and. failing that, libraries.


The real question, however, before American adults, most especially but not only parents, is what are we going to do about this. What are we going to do to protect the children of our communities from sexual predators and their enablers, but deliberate and merely misguided or uncaring?

To paraphrase Hillary and to turn her words against her sort, if it takes a village to raise a child, then it most certainly takes a village to defend them.

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