The Feminist Perversion

Feminst FiresThere can be little or no real doubt that the modern iteration – degeneration really – of Feminism is a vile perversion of the most abhorrent sort. Whatever “wave” of Feminism we’re suffering through now should be named the Toxic Wave because, not only have the Toxic Wave Feminists corrupted, poisoned, and perverted nigh on everything their predecessors stood for and accomplished, they have perverted Natural Law.

No! I’m not referring to education, gender roles, societally accepted behavior and decorum, or anything of that nature. I’m not even referring to Sex Positiveness or Sex Negativeness.

I’m referring to the Toxic Wave Feminists’ perversion of attitudes about sex itself at its most fundamental, emotional level.

One passage that I came across recently sums up this perversion with the aptness of a straight razor to the throat:

I’ve heard some people try to say that rape isn’t about sex but rather about power. I want to clear something up: it’s both, because sex is about power. Sex, from an emotional standpoint, is about submission and dominance.

That’s a horrific ideology and a much deeper dogma than Feminists being Sex Positive or Sex Negative, though it seems to be, upon research and reflection, the underpinning of the views towards heterosexual sex of those opposing Feminist camps.

I can think of no greater perversion committed in the name of Feminism than this. They believe- and strive to promulgate the belief that sex et al is a power transference. This leaves no possibility for equality and no room for any intimacy other than that forced through the surrender of the vanquished to the conqueror.

NOTE: To avoid unmeant offense and confusion, some people enjoy, even crave, power transfer during sex and that, when and if consensual, is OK. It’s not the norm though.

It truly disturbs me that a generation of men and women has been raised to believe that sex is about submission and dominance. The peril imposed by this perversion is horrific and far-reaching, as is any doctrine that forces people into- and confines them within the sick and twisted paradigm of Oppressor and Oppressed.

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Anthony Weiner’s ED

I always thought that Anthony Weiner’s crass, crude, and disgusting behavior was a compensating mechanism for some embarrassing failure on his part. As it turns out, I was sort of correct. Weiner’s got a bad and uncorrectable case of ED.

Anthony Weiner's ED
No Little Blue Pill Is Going To Fix This

Yep! Anthony Weiner has an incurable case of Electile Disfunction. He’ the limp dick of New York politics, utterly unable to rise to the challenge of a political race. 😆

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The Savage Queer

Dan Savage - Queer Activist and BullyDan Savage is queer, a fanatical queer activist, and a bully of the worst and most cowardly sort – the sort that lacks all personal and physical courage and who hides behind the system and the various authorities while he’s bullying his chosen victims, Christians

We’re all familiar with his cowardly assault upon Rick Santorum and his attempts at extortion.

But Savage doesn’t limit his venomous behavior to grown men; he likes kids too. Most recently he attacked a group of high school students at National High School Journalism Conference sponsored by the Journalism Education Association and the National Scholastic Press Association.

Savage doesn’t seem to make any distinction between grown men and children. Makes one wonder how far that lack of distinction goes – and how young.

When a hundred or so of the students, fed up with Savage’s Christian-bashing attacks, exercised the only recourse they were indoctrinated to believe was open to them and left the auditorium, Savage decided to verbally assault them directly.

You can tell the Bible guys in the hall they can come back now because I’m done beating up the Bible,” Savage said as other students hollered and cheered. “It’s funny as someone who is on the receiving end of beatings that are justified by the Bible how pansy-assed people react when you push back.

It’s easy to believe this is odd behavior from a person supposedly against bullying but, sadly, his isn’t odd behavior at all. Liberals of all stripes, and queers in particular, are rabidly intolerant and prone to bullying those who hold differing opinions. They’re just not the normal, honest bullies who are willing to put themselves at risk to do their bullying.

It’s axiomatic that all bullies are cowards but Savage’s breed are more cowardly than the norm. If someone stands up to a normal sort of bully, the bully normally backs down. Savage’s sort, like all Liberals, will instead claim that they’re the victim and hide behind the various laws and authorities they’ve suborned and turned into shields for their behavior.

Dan Savage doesn’t have the basic courage to come up to normal American men, out of reach of immediate rescue, and spout his shit. He knows that we’d beat him beyond repair and might give him and his husband a reminder of exactly why they’re called faggots.

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Pissing On Portman

Hehe…It seems Natalie Portman is into “Water Sports” and a bit of sexual degradation and PETA, always fond of objectifying and denigrating women, was more than willing to make use of her.

Natalie Portman – Better Pissed On Than Pissed Off

Personally, I wouldn’t even piss on this scrawny, Leftist, vegan skank. That’s a personal opinion though and I’d prefer not to argue matters of taste with those who might feel differently about using Natalie Portman as a receptacle for various bodily fluids.

Challenge AcceptedBut, irrespective of one’s personal tastes and sexual perversions, Portman and PETA have given us the perfect response to- and reprisal for their long-time favorite tactic of throwing blood or paint on people.

Nothing could sum up Americans’ loathing for the rabble of PETA better than pissing on them.

Sure, piss-bombing these disgusting filth won’t be as damaging to personal property as using blood and/or paint. It is, however, much more poetic and much apropos if applied to celebrity PETA whores who are little, if anything, more than walking receptacles for fluids.

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Selling Fear & Loathing

As I’ve posted before, if Obama’s FDA and HHS were really trying to curtail smoking by Americans, the ads they’ve chosen will fail just as every previous attempt at social engineering of people’s habit through fear-mongering have failed.

Anti-Smoking Ad

On the other hand, disgust and loathing work better than fear in almost all cases. It’s just a matter of marketing. 😉

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