The Feminist Perversion

Feminst FiresThere can be little or no real doubt that the modern iteration – degeneration really – of Feminism is a vile perversion of the most abhorrent sort. Whatever “wave” of Feminism we’re suffering through now should be named the Toxic Wave because, not only have the Toxic Wave Feminists corrupted, poisoned, and perverted nigh on everything their predecessors stood for and accomplished, they have perverted Natural Law.

No! I’m not referring to education, gender roles, societally accepted behavior and decorum, or anything of that nature. I’m not even referring to Sex Positiveness or Sex Negativeness.

I’m referring to the Toxic Wave Feminists’ perversion of attitudes about sex itself at its most fundamental, emotional level.

One passage that I came across recently sums up this perversion with the aptness of a straight razor to the throat:

I’ve heard some people try to say that rape isn’t about sex but rather about power. I want to clear something up: it’s both, because sex is about power. Sex, from an emotional standpoint, is about submission and dominance.

That’s a horrific ideology and a much deeper dogma than Feminists being Sex Positive or Sex Negative, though it seems to be, upon research and reflection, the underpinning of the views towards heterosexual sex of those opposing Feminist camps.

I can think of no greater perversion committed in the name of Feminism than this. They believe- and strive to promulgate the belief that sex et al is a power transference. This leaves no possibility for equality and no room for any intimacy other than that forced through the surrender of the vanquished to the conqueror.

NOTE: To avoid unmeant offense and confusion, some people enjoy, even crave, power transfer during sex and that, when and if consensual, is OK. It’s not the norm though.

It truly disturbs me that a generation of men and women has been raised to believe that sex is about submission and dominance. The peril imposed by this perversion is horrific and far-reaching, as is any doctrine that forces people into- and confines them within the sick and twisted paradigm of Oppressor and Oppressed.

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2 Responses to “The Feminist Perversion”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    I get confused studying the feminists and their allies. There is a lot of whining about Patriarchy I cannot follow the logic other than these people are just nuts with hatred.

    In my life experience it is women who are more obsessed with becoming mothers than men are with patriarchy. Men in general are motivated for sex by the physical pleasure. Especially when young, if they can have it with out the complications of children, that’s what they want. As they get older men will value children, but it is still women who want the kids. Much more of a Matriarchy.

    There seems to a level of marxism in feminist thought presently. One class is always dominant while the other is always a victim.

  2. jonolan Says:


    I think your confusion is caused by not understanding what Feminists mean by the Patriarchy. They mean it in terms of a power structure, with men as the ones in power, not in terms of anything to do with having children…with the exception that they think it should be solely the females’ decision whether or not their will be children and that any man’s opinion on the matter is yet another proof of the existence of the Patriarchy.

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