Healthcare Changes

It’s a fact that ObamaCare was designed to fundamentally change America’s healthcare options. In that it has, so far, been completely successful. The new ObamaCare paradigm, barely as yet even implemented, has already created great changes in Americans’ healthcare and health insurance options…

Obamacare ParadigmHealthcare Changes – The ObamaCare Paradigm

Of course, for the vast number of people within America’s borders who are just “normal people” sweeping fundamental changes are often more painful than otherwise. Changes wrought by politicians are even more so.

But let’s not throw the tar baby out with the bath water. ObamaCare has created thousands of jobs. Just look at the provision for 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce and collect the fines for not having an approved health insurance policy…whether you can use the governments’ websites to get one or not.

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