The Female Ear

Fatima Goss Graves

Sometimes the level of willful stupidity exhibited by activists beggars credulity. In this case, it’s a supposedly staunch radfem activist, Fatima Goss Graves, speaking in favor tranny athletes competing against women and girls during her Congressional testimony about Title IX.

You would think that the head of feminist organization would have some understanding of the “female Ear.”

Apparently, this is very much not the case with Goss Graves. She dramatically showed that she has no understanding of the “Female Ear” and how women will react to what they heard being said.

Trans students participate in sports for the same reasons as [other] kids. Because it is fun, because it creates belonging, community, because it teaches so much about persistence, leadership and discipline, and last, they learn to lose gracefully – hopefully – and often, win with dignity.

— Fatima Goss Graves

Graves, in her Congressional testimony defending Title IX, was simply stating that she believed that trannies play sports for the same reason as anyone else and gain the same benefits in character growth. That, however, was not what female athletes heard, not even a little bit. No. Female athletes heard that they were supposed to ‘lose gracefully’ to tranny competitors.

And, upon hearing that, these women responded.

Women & girls should ‘learn to lose gracefully’ to men & boys in their category. Women throwing away fair & safe sports for their fellow women is unforgivable.

— Mara Yamauchi


Unforgivable indeed. Lose gracefully my ass! Always did that when it was a fair fight!!! Nothing to be graceful about when the field is tilted so badly!!! Sex matters in sports; it matters. Shame on them.

— Martina Navratilova


If you’re a female athlete, watch this & get furious. You’re just supposed to learn to lose gracefully to a male in a race for females. If you don’t stand together & say NO, women’s sport will just be another race for males, along with men & non-binary!

— Sharron Davies


Just for the record, I have lost gracefully many times in my career. Even speaking to the incident of Thomas and I, at the national championships, we tied for fifth — granted, fifth in the entire nation, so it’s still an incredible achievement. But there were four women who beat me. I’m incredibly proud of those women who beat me. So, I certainly can and have lost gracefully many times in my career.

Women & girls should ‘learn to lose gracefully’ to men & boys in their category. Women throwing away fair & safe sports for their fellow women is unforgivable.

— Riley Gaines

And that should have been the expected reaction. The “Female Ear” is different from the “Male Ear.” Women, in a case or circumstance when their emotions are involved, do not hear what is actually said or in what context it was said in. They hear whatever will trigger them the most. They will always hear it as a further attack upon them. That Graves didn’t understand this or care enough about it to choose her words with care for women’s feelings is a level of willful stupidity that is truly awesome in its buffoonery.

NOTE: For the record, I 100% support these women’s position. Trannies have no place in women’s sports at all. There’s a reason you never hear of them in men’s sports. That, however, didn’t, doesn’t, and will never stop me from pointing out the other differences between men and women; in this case, how women hear what was said.

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The Hollywood Star We Need

The Hollywood Star We Need
The Hollywood Star We Need
Brigitte Bardiche

Between having been a gamer since the days of Wizardy and Eamon (actually created and published adventure for that), having been involved in historical reenactment for almost as long, participating in certain weapons-based sports, and being “adjacent” to various Hollywood personalities who work in the Scifi-Fantasy genre, the “issues” surrounding women’s armor in game, film, and written works is something that I’m forced to endure on a fairly regular basis.

So, here she is – the Hollywood star we need: Brigitte Bardiche, in all her full-coverage, fairly historically accurate armor. And… with a bardiche, which is one of my favorite weapons along with its close, Scottish cousin, the lochaber axe.

NOTE: This is such a sensitive, “triggering,” and pervasive issue that I’m sure, if various pundits read this, they will find some way to take issue with her armor.

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Raise Your Sons Right!

Raise Your Sons Right!
Raise Your Sons Right!

Parents – specifically you fathers, since I’m unsure of women’s participation – it’s my opinion that you need to raise your sons right. You need to raise them to have the basic life skills, particularly cooking and cleaning. You need to raise your sons in a manner that reduces the material value of women to them to recreation and reproduction. Do not let them grow up saddled and chained with any other need for women!

Yes, I know. Cue the feminazi cunts screaming “Misogyny!” Gods, how they hate the thought of strong, independent men, even though most them wouldn’t willingly do domestic task for men. 😆

Honestly, why wouldn’t you raise your sons to be strong, independent, self-sufficient men? Why would you even want them to be dependent upon another for their basic needs, especially a womyn of today? It’s not like they will provide your son anything of intrinsic value beyond sex and children, if he wishes to sire any. The days when daughters were raised to have value to men are gone; they seem to have died with Gen X.

I Don’t Need A Woman. I Can Cook Myself Dinner

Face it; the hate and vitriol this post would generate – if they actually read it – among the majority of Western females today is strong evidence, if not outright proof, of the accuracy and wisdom of its premise. Further, if we look at womyn’s tendency to divorce and the courts’ bias against men in said divorce, there is empirical proof that women should face an uphill struggle to prove to men that their worth to them offsets the risks involved in taking them on. And, Gentlemen, I don’t see many of the ones of your sons’ generation even considering doing that.

The Best Thing A Man Can Ever Learn Is To Never Need A Woman

Honestly, the best thing fathers can do for their sons and for the future of our society is to teach them how to never need a woman for anything other than sex and bearing their children. Teach your sons all the life skills necessary – irrespective of traditional genders roles, which have been more and more rejected by women in recent decades – to be self-sufficient.

To be extraordinarily crass, crude, and blunt, fathers need to teach their sons that what a woman “brings to the table” insofar as value-add in a relationship are: three holes, two tits, and a womb. If you’ve raised them right, women can offer them nothing else that they need, allowing your son’s to choose as, when, and if they please.

Because You Don’t Require Her Help, You Don’t Need Her; You Want Her. There Is A Difference.

But here’s the thing that most people, and pretty all the feminists and their supposedly “high value” women, won’t get about this post. I’m not suggesting father teach their sons to hate women. Nor do I believe it’s “misogynist” to raise them to see no need for women beyond sex and childbearing. There’s a fundamental difference between needs and desires. And, as the same feminstas who would decry this post have taught their daughters, good relationships aren’t based upon dependency.

But, it’s truly ironic that these same womyn who taught their daughters this lesson, albeit in the nastiest, most hate-filled, and self-destructive context, go ballistic when the genders are reversed and it’s men who are taught not to need them. 😉

Raise your sons right, My Fellows!

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The Gender Inequality Myth

The Gender Inequality Myth
The Gender Inequality Myth

The Gender Inequality Myth perpetrated upon Americans is one of the most pernicious and factually inaccurate lies ever told to us, much less a lie so successfully promulgated. I’m sure Goebbels has a hard-on in his grave over it. 😉 The Feminists have, will, and won’t stop repeating the myth of “The Patriarchy” and claiming that they’re forced to the bottom of society. Yet, the truth is significantly different. The truth is that a very few men do occupy the top echelon, but the bottom echelons are also made up almost exclusively by men. Women are, for the most part, in just below the very peak to slightly below the middle of pyramid.

Now, in both fairness and a preference for factuality, this diagram is inherently inaccurate in that it’s scaling is in all likely off, and it doesn’t represent the complexities involved, i.e., there are no thin bands of pink in the blue and vice versa. This in an inherent flaw in such diagrams brought on by scaling – the blue at the top is most likely oversized for the sake of visibility – and decided upon lack of granularity for the sake of clarity as much as by bias and attempted manipulation. Also, there’s no indication available to determine how the various metrics were weighted.

It also is predicated, at least partially upon ephemerals and intangibles, e.g., power and quality of life. Once such unmeasurable and totally subjective inputs are added, the resulting values are flawed, especially since Feminists aren’t the most nuanced or discerning sorts, and their answers most likely skewed their results downward.

Overall though, the right side of the paired diagrams is a lot closer to the truth than the Gender Inequality Myth that Feminists keeping screeching about. But then, Feminism is a huge “industry” in America with a lot of people making their rent off of it, so this has to be expected.

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So Fashion Forward


Mmmmm… So Fashion Forward. I Love It! 😉

Now, with the SCOTUS’s decision and specific opinions on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization having overturned Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a lot of Liberals and Progressives, and all the Feministas having ranting about how America is going to become the nation in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, it’s good to see that some women are being fashion forward about it. 😆

OK, now I’m thinking of some Mayday operative, Handmaiden roleplay. “Tell me your name as I put my child in you before sending you back to that Commander!” #MKINYKBMKIOK

Oh, and if any of you Liberal Womyn want to get ahead of the game, you can buy your very own bonnet here. And, don’t you worry your pretty-enough-that-some-man-had-sex-with-you heads about raising your unwanted but now unable to be murdered children. Believe me, no Americans want you raising any children. We have many, many good, upstanding, American couples will be quite happy to have the State give them your progeny to raise and raise rightly.


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