Backassward As Always

Trannies And Tranny-Chasers - Backassward As Always
Trannies And Tranny-Chasers – Backassward As Always

Trannies and their enablers are, like almost every other sort of nonnormative or culturally exilic group in America, backassward as usual. Trans Rights aren’t Human Rights. Human Rights are Trans Rights.

The Word Order Matters

Yes, the word order matters. It matters a great deal. While to many “Trans rights are human rights” and “Human rights are Trans rights” seem to say the same thing, this is not actually the case. The order of application is reversed between the two and that matters more than most people believe. And, that’s a deliberate corruption of the language by the manipulative grifters who created and first promulgated the phrase, “Trans rights are human rights.”

It’s all a cynical and sick ploy to convince people to believe that anything the “Trans Community” wants is both a right and a basic human right. But the truth is that Trannies have the same basic human rights as any other human being and nothing other or more than them.

And, here’s a little fact: If you’re supposed right requires the positive actions of another person, it’s not a right at all.

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Your Dick And Crazy

Your Dick And Crazy – Not A Serious Worry

One of the penultimate – and most violated – rules for men is Don’t Stick Your Dick In Crazy. More often than not, it does not end well at all for the man in question. But, there’s a lot of sorts of crazy…

Transgirls are definitively crazy; that’s not a subject for real argument. They are, however, one of the better forms of crazy, at least for more casual relationships. Admittedly, longer term is a hit or miss prospect due to the other mental conditions many of them have, but far too many women have those issues as well, plus the problems they present in these times.

Honestly, you’re probably better off with a transgirl than a modern woman. The transgirl is actually much, much, much more likely to be feminine in looks and actions and actual want to fulfill a more traditional feminine role in life and relationships. Yet, at the exact same time, they’re still guys – shut it, LGBTQers! – and can relate better to you… and might be more fun out of bed.

Yeah, we all stick our dicks in crazy. We’re guys; we’re stupid that way. You might want to consider a different sort of crazy though, one that seems to be less dangerous over all. Really, what’s the worst that can happen that is worse than what could and likely will happen with a crazy chick? You find out that you’re not quite as straight as you were raised to believe you are? Guess what? You’re in all statistical likelihood already so. We all are, with a very few, percentage-wise, exceptions. 😉

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This Is A Woman

This Is A Woman
This Is A Woman

There are from a practical standpoint two genders, men and women, determined at conception. True, there are a tiny – lost in the statistical noise tiny – percentage of people who aren’t functionally either gender, physically present as female when they’re males, or have both sets of parts. From the normal person standpoint and likely experiences though, there are men, women, and people with mental illnesses.

And this is just going to get worse unless treated at the societal level. Rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) is a horribly real empirically as it is totally unsubstantiated scientifically.

Trannies’ Insane Hypocrisy

And, cue the Trannies’ and their enablers’ insane, hypocritical outrage. I’m sure that these sorts would go rabid over my calling transsexualism a mental illness. “They’re not sick, they’re women!” or some such is what they’d rant – and what they’ve ranted again, again, and again to-date. And yet, at the same exact time and often in the same rant, they will claim – with a few medical studies to back them up – that people who are Trans, especially children, will suicide if not given “gender affirming care.”

NOTE: While these studies do show an increase in suicidal ideation and attempts than the norm, the rates are listed as 43.3% vs. 35.2%, so notable but not an extreme increase in risk.

Hellfire and Damnation! These some sorts will even upon occasion and being sufficiently triggered by reality scream that “misgendering” trannies is violence, a federally prosecutable hate crime, all because it will supposedly cause trannies to suicide or otherwise sink into various depression-link behaviors.

But, of course, they’re not crazy; they’re women! Except when they’re crazy.

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An Argument For Trans

Classic Cartoons - An Argument For Trans
An Argument For Trans

Well, there’s a salient argument for trans as dating options. 😆 There’s a lot better chance of casual clothes, sugary cereals or toaster pastries / waffles, and classic cartoons such as Thundercats with a transgurl – one they’re past their hyper-girlie phase – than with a woman.

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Fish Traps!

It's a Trap
Fish Traps! It’s A Trap!

Whenever you encounter what seems to be a woman who loves fishing, channel you’re inner Admiral Akbar, because it’s a trap! That’s not a worm in “her” shorts. 😆

Yes, There Are Women Who Love Fishing

I’m kidding! Kidding, kidding, kidding! For good or ill, there are plenty of women who love fishing. Maybe not as much as some of us guys do, but they do love it. So, don’t be actually concerned that the one you see is a tranny. The odds of that are very, very low.

In point of fact, most transgurls go through an extended period during which they act hyper-feminine, normally adhering to the stereotypes of “proper” “girly” behavior, often obsessively so. As such, it’s extremely unlikely to encounter one fishing. You’re safe. Enjoy.

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