Annabelle Is Scared Now

Annabelle Is Scared Now
Annabelle Is Scared Now

Annabelle, an antique doll which was turned into a vessel for demonic entities has never known fear. Well, not until Creepy Uncle Joe came up behind her for a sniff. 😉 Yeah, our Pedo-in-Chief can even scare demonic entities – if they’re inside something that looks like a prepubescent child.

Then again, Ole’ Biden might just be securing the “MAPs” vote for 2024. They are, after all, growing to be a more and more important part of the Democrats’ constituency.

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What Their Pronouns Mean

What Their Pronouns Mean
What Their Pronouns Mean

This is the way every American parent should handle teaching our children about people’s “pronouns.” We need to teach our children that, if a person specifies their pronouns and/or demands certain ones that are not intuitive be used for them, then they are insane and a danger to be avoided. They same holds true for any that specify and/or demand that specific, unintuitive pronouns be used when addressing or referencing others. They too are either crazy or are enabling the crazy people and, hence, are a similar or even worse danger to our children.

Part of protecting our children is to teach them how to protect themselves and “pronouns” are a strong and easy “red flag” that the person should be treated in the same manner as we taught our children to deal with strangers who accosted them.

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It Doesn't Add Up

Liberal Indoctrination - It Doesn't Add Up
Liberal Indoctrination – It Doesn’t Add Up

No. It doesn’t add up. Adding LGBTQ+ agenda items to math classes just doesn’t add up to anything worthwhile or good for our children or our nation’s future. This is especially true of Mathematics and, as a direct result of this, Mathematics curricula are a specific target of the queer/trans agendists. In their minds, like the minds of every other sort who wants to reshape the minds of Americans’ children, every course has to be specifically tailored to specifically reference, include, and laud their people, especially when doing so has absolutely nothing to do with the actual course material.

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A Hilarious Mashup

A Hilarious Mashup - The Rocky & Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show
A Hilarious Mashup
The Rocky & Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show

ROFLMAO Now that would be a hilarious mashup! The Rocky & Bullwinkle Horror Picture Show just sounds snarkily awesome. Or, it would if I wasn’t afraid that it’d be made as “Learning Television” for Democrat groomers to show in elementary schools.

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Queerish Irony

Queerish Irony
Extreme Queerish Irony Is Extreme

Queerish Irony: When all the lies the gays ranted to the world and presumably by and large believed themselves come back around and bite them on their faggot asses.

In this particular, disgusting case it’s their lie that accepting, legitimizing, and normalizing homosexuality and various sexual/gender disorders won’t lead to a similar thing for pedophilia. It was a lie. It was a dangerous and disgusting lie, and a stupid one to boot. This is proven by certain sorts feeling empowered to rant at children that we “can’t” even call them pedophiles and that they’re Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs)

Stop Calling Them Pedophiles!

Stop calling them that [Pedophiles]. You’re not allowed to label people like that. Stop it, Diego. We are not going to call them that. We’re going to call them, MAPs. Minor-attracted persons. So don’t judge people just because they want to have sex with a 5-year-old.

Amber Parker
Franklin High School

And this creature, Amber Parker is not the first to use this specific euphemism to describe and normalize pedophiles. Years ago, Dr. Allyn Walker, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at Old Dominion used and perhaps coined the term Minor Attracted Person(s). It even wrote called A Long, Dark Shadow: Minor-Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity, defending them and seeking special protections for them. And then there’s Miranda Galbreath, a licensed sex therapist and counselor with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, who has taken great pains to explain that the majority of people make “incorrect assumptions” about Minor Attracted Persons and that those assumptions “create harm for an already marginalized population.” Parker is just the first we’ve heard of being so overt about it in our schools in a position of influence and authority over our children.

And there we are, sadly. The LGBTQ+?! activists and their ever-ready-for-perversions enablers have essentially made their lifestyle and sexual choices “acceptable” and protected by both law and #CancelCulture despite being told time and time again that this would lead to similar – and more than likely similarly successful – things and movements for pedophilia in all but it’s most extreme variants. And, they were wrong – rather ironical but not in any way unexpectedly so.

Disgusting as it is to any right-thinking, actual human being, the irony comes from the fact that every argument used by queers to defend their sexual choices apply equally to pedophiles. They’re born that way; you love (lust after) who you love (lust after); If you don’t like it you’re just a Christofascist bigot. All these argument can be and are used by pedophiles and their enablers to defend their sexual choices, and with an equal weight of logic and truth behind the arguments.

And, their trump card of “between consenting adults” doesn’t even work that well, because age of consent laws are just societal constructs and vary greatly by culture/nation, ranging from 11 to 21.

Worse and what will be a growing problem, is that the declining age of puberty means that hebephilia and ephebophilia – both psychological terms and neither, just like homosexuality, considered a mental disorder under the DSM – is going to be both more common and impact younger and younger children. And yes, it will also impact more adults, who will in apparently perfect sanity be attracted to younger people.

Yes, queerish irony indeed! Every argument and a majority of the terms, e.g., marginalized population, are being used by pedophiles and their enablers in exactly the same way that homosexuals and their enablers used them to gain legally mandated protections and privileges. Just. Like. We. Said. They. Would.

Honestly, I’d ask what comes next, legalizing incest. But that shipped sailed a while back.

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