Bake Bred They Said


Bake Bred, They Said

For some reason that totally escapes me, baking became The Thing during the ongoing COVID-19 lock-downs – especially baking sourdough and focaccia. The problem is that not everyone is even marginally good at baking bread.

On the other hand – and hopefully on the counter too πŸ˜‰ – failure can be often be remediated by simply changing the victory conditions.

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Grading Their Worth

Grading Their Worth
Grading Their Worth

By all normative American standards, if we were to grade the worth of the Democrats – and I do mean they’re worth as persons, not just their job performance – we would have to give them all an “F.” They have repeatedly and utterly failed to prove that they have any worth at all.

Honestly, were it not for the fact that their inherent right to their lives is Constitutionally enumerated and not predicated on worthiness or on having earned it, we’d be well-served by accepting that they’re Lebensunwertes Leben and acting accordingly.

Then, that’s part of difference between Americans and Democrats. Americans know that the Constitution is, depending upon one’s theology, either Divine Law or Natural, and must be abided by and obeyed even when the immediate result has some negative consequences and trails. It’d be the rankest of hypocrisy for Americans to act against the Democrats in a manner that is fundamental to the Democrats’ lack of worth in the first place.

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Congressional Appropriation

Congressional Appropriation
Congressional Appropriation

Recently, slightly over two dozen Senior Democrat lawmakers, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, knelt in the Capitol Visitor Center for eight minutes and 46 seconds as a supposed tribute to George Floyd before going off to a press conference. All of them were prominently sporting Kente cloth scarves around or over their shoulders.

Funny, I thought a bunch of politicians, most of whom are White, wearing very iconic and culturally significant African clothing would be considered to be the nadir of Cultural Appropriation. I would have also thought – no, not really – that the media would be all over this gross and insensitive display of mockery. But, while there were some complaints from some Blacks, there was no real backlash in the media or elsewhere.

Then again, given that the media is wholly owned by the DNC and that too many Blacks are too comfortable on the Dems’ plantation to really chide them, this hypocrisy and double-standard is not too surprising.

The Party of Optics, Spectacle, And Allowed Insensitivity

Fakakta Optics or Reverse Things

One last point – Am I the only one who sees this or is everyone deliberately ignoring it?

Supposedly these Dems did this to show solidarity with the Blacks inside our nation’s borders. OK, but if so, why did these allegedly “Woke” politicans spend exactly the same amount of time in essentially in the same position as Derek Chauvin was in while he murdered George Floyd?

Think about that and the silence surrounding it!

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Chronic Black Failure

Chronic Black Failure - Feral Rage, Their Real Problem
Chronic Black Failure – Feral Rage, Their Real Problem

The sad story of Blacks inside of America’s borders is the story of their chronic failure. It’s been the primary narrative of their people since the Civil Rights Movement succeeded in breaking down the barriers between the Black Community and America at large. And, as time progresses, it just seems to get worse, even as more of those of African tribal descent emigrate away from the ghetto and the miseries of the “Black Community.”

It’s especially saddening and maddening right now. The Blacks’ response to Minneapolis PD officer, Derek Chauvin’s killing of George Floyd is the horrific current nadir of Chronic Black Failure. They literally snatched defeat out of jaws of victory! The Blacks, in yet another paroxysm of their feral rage, threw away the best shot at general acceptance and some measure of real change in policing policies.

It was a clear cut case and the majority of Americans were, at a bare minimum, sympathetic the Blacks’ cause. Even I was on their side initially. Hellfire! Even the Minneapolis PD was on their side, immediately firing all four officers on the scene and arresting Chauvin on homicide charges.

The remains of a scorched police vehicle lie vandalized during riots in the Fort Greene neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York on May 29, 2020. - The woman who threw the molotov cocktail inside the vehicle occupied by four officers on the fringes of a demonstration in New York on Friday was arrested
Fort Greene, Brooklyn is 2000 Miles From Minneapolis

Maybe the Blacks could have “won” if they’d only rioted, looted, and burned in Minneapolis. Americans probably would have understood that and accepted it. But no, instead Blacks all across the nation rose up all across the nation and began rioting, looting, burning, and murdering police officers and others.

Feral rage, the Blacks’ chronic failure, will be the death knell of them and their aspirations sooner or later. That’s truly sad.

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Biden The Uniter

Biden The Uniter - Hate Will Bring Us Together
Biden The Uniter – Hate Will Bring Us Together

Ah yes, Creep Uncle “Bad Hands” Joe is going to unite the country, a trite shibboleth of the modern Democrats. Of course, he means – if he’s at all aware of his surroundings at this point – that such unity would be solely the Democrats and likely Democrats being united in their mad hate for President Trump, any and all who refuse to revile him, and normative Americans.

Then, uniting his constituency in hatred for our President and all of us who support him is Biden’s best shot for getting elected. Even if he’s too far gone at this point to know that, his handlers aren’t.

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