Flagging As The Enemy

Flagging As The Enemy
Flagging As The Enemy

While this editorial cartoon is specifically aimed at the recent evil in Colorado where a 12 year-old boy was suspended from school for wearing a backpack with a Gadsen flag patch on it, it also fits with the vast majority of the anti-White, anti-Male, anti-American crap that what we’ve allowed to have access to our children are doing in the Democrat-ruled school systems today.

They are flagging as the enemy of America.

In these degenerate times, if parents just assumed that every teacher and administrator in the public school system was a White-hating, pedophile or #groomer, socialist, one would be right often enough to make a positive difference in our children’s and our nation’s future. This is doubly true if they would finally take appropriately harsh action upon those beliefs in order to teach these filth a lesson that the survivors among them will long remember.

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Disney's Lot Lizards

Disney's Lot Lizards - Fake But Viral Because It's So Plausible
Disney’s Lot Lizards

Disney’s and Pixar’s Lot Lizards is an AI-generated fake, nothing but a bit of humor. It, however, has gone viral for a sick and sad reason. It’s all too plausible in most people’s minds that Disney would make a cartoon featuring reptilian truck stop prostitutes – probably with one of the ensemble being a rent boy and another a trap.

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Liberals' Library Programs

Liberals' Library Programs
Liberals’ Library Programs

With more and more states and localities coming to their senses and properly banning drag queens – in their performance outfits – being inflicted upon our children, liberal libraries and schools will most likely cast their deceptions aside and double down on their attempts to corrupt and defile America’s young.

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Postmodern Fairy Tales

Postmodern Fairy Tales - Weaponizing Fantasy
Postmodern Fairy Tales
Weaponizing Fables

Laugh all you want – and, in all truth, prima facie, this sort of thing is kind of funny. But, it’s also part and parcel of what the Left, especially the anti-normative #wokeists, have been doing to children’s books and such. They’ve been pushing and pushing hard to “mainstream” their postmodern fairy tales in order to warp the minds of our children.

How They Weaponize Fables

Step 1: Take any classic tale of Good vs. evil and add moral ambiguity to it

Step 2: Turn the Villain into either and Anti-Hero or actual Hero

Step 3: Have the Damsel or equivalent change sides and collude with the Villain

Step 4: Make the Villain, the Damsel, and/or the Hero all victims of society

Step 5: Sexualize the story

Step 6: Add the Gay

And that’s how these deranged and dangerous things do it. It’s a real-world example of the Boiling Frog pseudo-fable or apologue – one small step, one small corruption, one small degeneration at a time until we reach a point that is fundamentally unrecognizable. And worse, it’s all done in the name of “children needing stories about people like them” or “it’s important to breakdown current ideals and norms.

And Yet, No Conspiracy Is Needed

That’s what makes this worse, more destructive to our children’s future, and harder to combat; there’s no real conspiracy needed. Each step down the road to perversion is specific and self-contained and it starts small, and almost reasonable. But then, each group who wants acceptance and privilege wants a little bit more. And they each, for the most part, only think of what they want, as if they were in a vacuum. And, then the next, more abnormal than the last group wants theirs…

And, Folks! We’ve been greasing the slope or allowing it to be greased for over six decades. It’s not a wonder that the slide to degeneracy has reached terminal velocity.

No, IMRHO, the closest there is or needs to be to a conspiracy is that the grifters from each group of advocates for the individual special interest groups need to keep manufacturing “oppression” in order to stay relevant and profitable, be it monetarily or in social capital. They literally can’t “win” because then they be done.. and then what would they do?

This why Feminists turned into vile things, when they originally had a real point. It’s also why Feminists allied themselves with as other special interest groups as they could and labeled it “Intersectionality.” They won, and rightly so back then. But, they needed to push the bar back or fade into history. It’s also why LGB turned into LGBT, then LGBTQ, and then into whatever alphabet soup it is now. They’re all in a state of perpetual war against normative society because they can’t afford to declare victory!

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What Their Pronouns Mean

What Their Pronouns Mean
What Their Pronouns Mean

This is the way every American parent should handle teaching our children about people’s “pronouns.” We need to teach our children that, if a person specifies their pronouns and/or demands certain ones that are not intuitive be used for them, then they are insane and a danger to be avoided. They same holds true for any that specify and/or demand that specific, unintuitive pronouns be used when addressing or referencing others. They too are either crazy or are enabling the crazy people and, hence, are a similar or even worse danger to our children.

Part of protecting our children is to teach them how to protect themselves and “pronouns” are a strong and easy “red flag” that the person should be treated in the same manner as we taught our children to deal with strangers who accosted them.

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