We Can & Should Cure That

We Can & Should Cure That
We Can & Should Cure That

In my rarely humble opinion, this is symptomatic of a societal plague – a pandemic of mental, emotional, and sexual abuse of children. And, the law and it’s enforcers be damned, we have the cure for it since the Second Amendment is partially for providing for our common defense in the absence or refusal of the Legislative Branch doing so. And, protecting our children by removing very obvious threats to their welfare is surely within the purview and limits of our Common Defense.

“No God would call it a sin” may be an exaggeration. Moloch and/or Baal might be against removing these threats to our children. Hence either or both might consider it a sin to do so.

And please do remember that the parents that bring their children to where these freaks are eager to “interact” with them are as much or more a danger to those children as the freaks themselves.

Tantum Pro Defensio Filiis

I don’t care who with or how anyone has sex as long as they’re both consenting adults or consenting, age-gap-appropriate near-adults, and that they’re doing it behind closed doors, either at home or in a venue where this behavior is expected and is children-free. I doubt that the vast majority of Americans feels any different. Just remember, take no action except in defense of the children, and neither support nor excuse any others’ action that do not abide by the restriction.

A large percentage – probably still most of them – of both queers and BDSM sorts are perfectly normal people aside from their sexual proclivities. So, why would anyone take any sort of action against them just for that. It’s very close to only the sorts that engage in Pride demonstrations that are the problem, and which need to be corrected for.

In my opinion, all any American should do is to force the Pride sorts to walk it back from the level of pedophilia, grooming, and child abuse that they’ve reached. And, force in some form is needed. They won’t do it on their own and will only get more extreme and disgusting if not stopped. Every time Americans allow them to safely do something, these sorts will go further – because being seen as unacceptable by Americans is important to them – more important it seems than anything else.

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Hard To Believe

Hard To Believe, Isn't It?
Hard To Believe, Isn’t It?

Yes, every single right-thinking, sane American finds it incredibly hard to believe that, as a country, we seem to have degenerated to the point where a parent is allowed to chemically castrate their child – at a minimum – but spanking – or applying almost any form of discipline – is considered abuse.

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Biden's Child Trafficking

Biden's Child Trafficking
Biden’s Child Trafficking
‘Tis Shades Of Chaim Rumkowski

I’m not outright saying that “Creepy Uncle Joe” Biden is a pedophile – though he has a multi-decades-long history of coming across as one – or that he’s knowing and deliberately directly involved in child trafficking. This is more of a case of sufficient apathy and incompetence being indistinguishable from malfeasance and culpability.

Biden & Co.’s rush to get unaccompanied illegal immigrant children out of the processing centers at our beleaguered southern border and into our country has resulted in 85,000 of those 300,000 unaccompanied minors going missing. They’re in the wind and utterly unaccounted for… except for those that been found as victims of trafficking, both sexual and otherwise. They were so concerned about getting votes and overturning any and all border security measures enacted by or under President Trump that they seemingly didn’t give a tinker’s dam about what happened to these children afterwards. Or, maybe they did, since illegals serving as something akin to slave labor seems to be a core component of Democrat economic policy.

As I said at the beginning though, I don’t believe that this is something that Biden is actively shooting for. I do, however, believe that the situation is indistinguishable from it and the Biden and his people should be dealt with exactly as if he and they were deliberately committing child trafficking.

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Elementary Schools Today

Elementary Schools Today - Predators Claiming Protector As Identity
Elementary Schools Today
Predators Claiming Prey As Identity

Honestly, this is pretty close to where far too many of our schools are now, and where the sorts who vote for Democrats want them all to be in the near future. We’ve already got many sexual predators masquerading as activists in our schools grooming our children to be bait for the LGBTQ+ groups.

This is literally state-sponsors child abuse and pedophilia. And, Folks, we need to treat is a such and treat those doing it or allowing it to be done as predators and dangers to our children.

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Postmodern Fairy Tales

Postmodern Fairy Tales - Weaponizing Fantasy
Postmodern Fairy Tales
Weaponizing Fables

Laugh all you want – and, in all truth, prima facie, this sort of thing is kind of funny. But, it’s also part and parcel of what the Left, especially the anti-normative #wokeists, have been doing to children’s books and such. They’ve been pushing and pushing hard to “mainstream” their postmodern fairy tales in order to warp the minds of our children.

How They Weaponize Fables

Step 1: Take any classic tale of Good vs. evil and add moral ambiguity to it

Step 2: Turn the Villain into either and Anti-Hero or actual Hero

Step 3: Have the Damsel or equivalent change sides and collude with the Villain

Step 4: Make the Villain, the Damsel, and/or the Hero all victims of society

Step 5: Sexualize the story

Step 6: Add the Gay

And that’s how these deranged and dangerous things do it. It’s a real-world example of the Boiling Frog pseudo-fable or apologue – one small step, one small corruption, one small degeneration at a time until we reach a point that is fundamentally unrecognizable. And worse, it’s all done in the name of “children needing stories about people like them” or “it’s important to breakdown current ideals and norms.

And Yet, No Conspiracy Is Needed

That’s what makes this worse, more destructive to our children’s future, and harder to combat; there’s no real conspiracy needed. Each step down the road to perversion is specific and self-contained and it starts small, and almost reasonable. But then, each group who wants acceptance and privilege wants a little bit more. And they each, for the most part, only think of what they want, as if they were in a vacuum. And, then the next, more abnormal than the last group wants theirs…

And, Folks! We’ve been greasing the slope or allowing it to be greased for over six decades. It’s not a wonder that the slide to degeneracy has reached terminal velocity.

No, IMRHO, the closest there is or needs to be to a conspiracy is that the grifters from each group of advocates for the individual special interest groups need to keep manufacturing “oppression” in order to stay relevant and profitable, be it monetarily or in social capital. They literally can’t “win” because then they be done.. and then what would they do?

This why Feminists turned into vile things, when they originally had a real point. It’s also why Feminists allied themselves with as other special interest groups as they could and labeled it “Intersectionality.” They won, and rightly so back then. But, they needed to push the bar back or fade into history. It’s also why LGB turned into LGBT, then LGBTQ, and then into whatever alphabet soup it is now. They’re all in a state of perpetual war against normative society because they can’t afford to declare victory!

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