You Missed, Bitches

You Missed, Bitches
You Missed, Bitches

This image! This image perfectly sums up President Trump’s reaction to his attempted assassination – and pretty much the entirety of the Democrats’ ongoing pogrom against him. You missed.

As the majority of Black men on various social media platforms, especially TikTok – so, take it with a whole salt lick, not just a grain – have said, that nigga be gangsta as fuck! And yeah, accepting the differences in vernacular and outlook, a majority of people in the world seem to have the same feelings.

The absolute disrespect that President Trump showed for being shot is astounding. And it was disrespect. He showed absolutely no respect for- or concern about his potential death or how close he came to it already.

Trump’s Disrespect Saved Democrats’ Lives

Every Democrat and likely/presumed Democrat should be thankful for President Trump’s total lack of respect. If he respected the attack upon him and called for action and reprisal when he stood upon in defiance, at this point, 5 days into it, we’d be several million deep into the Democrat body count.

At a very conservative estimate, there would have been 1.5 million Americans armed and willing to end the Democrat Problem once and for all. That’s 2/3rds of the total combined forces of the US military, and approximately 5 times the US military’s combined combat troops. Even if the entirety of them sided against the enraged American people, they couldn’t stop the bloodbath that would have happened all across the nation.

But, the Dems’ radicalized shill missed and President Trump didn’t care enough or have enough respect for the attack in that moment to give a flying fuck or even respond in anger. And that saved countless lives, both American and Democrat, and kept this nation from embarking on a pogrom of annihilation that could have very well brought the world to its knees.

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Trump Ascendent

Trump Ascendent
Trump Ascendent
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So, Saturday, July 13, 2024 they tried to assassinate President Trump and managed to put a bullet through the top of his earlobe. In other words, they came an inch or minute of angle (MOA) away from killing him.

This worked out for them about as bad as it could. One, look at that image. Look at the singular most powerful, American image of the last 100 or more years. This is the once and future President of the United States of America… if there’s a 2024 election and if it’s conducted legally and fairly this time. Otherwise, this is the first Lord Protector of America.

Does anyone, American or Democrat, actually believe that a man who, just being shot like that, who wrestle his way clear enough from the Secret Security detail so that he could pump his fist in defiance and tell the American people to “fight, fight, fight!” won’t be elected POTUS in a proper 2024 election? His actions in response to being shot in an assassination attempt are second only to President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt’s in 1912. And, honestly, I think President Trump would have equaled his predecessor if he’d been allowed to.

President Trump has weathered: an illegal attack upon his original campaign by the sitting POTUS and his rival, multiple spurious impeachments by our enemies in Congress, the total weaponization of DOJ and local court systems against him in a massive lawfare campaign; and now a murder attempt while moving to restore his Presidency. And he’s stronger than ever.

Batter, bruised, and bloody, but unbroken and unbowed. Trump is ascendent!

Not Planned, But Fully Accepted

Now, unlike many Americans, I don’t believe that the Democrats planned for President Trump’s assassination. I just think that they fully accepted it as an acceptable consequence of their massive campaign against him and all of us who support him. I firmly believe that their monolithic campaign to paint him as a “threat to Democracy” who would be “Dictator on Day One” was planned to achieve only two things: to incite their constituency to vote against trump despite the obvious flaws of Biden, and to garner acceptance of their extra-legal and illegal lawfare campaign against the President.

The Democrats did, however, fully accept that such a campaign could result in violence and might lead to his assassination. President Trump’s and/or any of his supporters’ deaths were just considered by the Democrats and their Lamestream media to be acceptable combat losses. They figured – and probably still figure – that they could weather any storm that arose from it.

It Was A Fully Justified Shooting

Now, in the wake of President Trump being shot; James Copenhaver, who was killed protecting his family from incoming fire with his body; and the serious injury of David Dutch and James Copenhaver, a lot people – especially Democrats and very, very especially those Democrats who are now essentially green lighted – are saying that political violence is never justified.

Simply put, those many people, including my fellow blogger, Tyler aka The Portly Politico are wrong.

Whatever your opinion of President Trump’s policies and personality, there is no justification for attempting his murder.

The Portly Politico
“We Are All Deplorables Now” July 15,2024

Here’s the sad fact. From the standpoint of the shooter, this could be and probably was a fully justified shooting, including the killing and injuring of bystanders. If anyone in America is brainwashed by the Democrats’ constant painting of President Trump as an existential threat to Democracy and America, they’d feel fully justified in killing him and fully justified in accepting bystanders’ death as acceptable collateral damage. They’ve even be, as this shooter was, willing to go into the operation knowing that they’d die completing it. This is, after all, saving Democracy and America from “the greatest threat against it in American history.” They have, after all, time and time against preached that, if Trump wins the 2024 elections there will never be elections again.

Think about that. How far would you go to save Democracy? What would do to save the very foundation of the premise of America? Is there any act you would balk at? And, if there is, do you think you’d hate yourself for your restraint if it led to America’s destruction?

So, in my opinion, the shooter could be said to be justified in his actions because he sincerely held the belief that he was saving American Democracy from the threat posed by President Trump.

No. The fault, the crime, the rank evil lies with the Democrat movers and shakers and their Lamestream Media personalities who created this death cult. Let us just be relieved and happy that, instead of laying President Trump low, they ascended him.

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Beautiful But Sad

Beautiful But Sad – The Fact That We Can Tell They’re Republicans

The women are beautiful and made a bit more so by being – barely – clothed in the American flag. But it’s also sad. It’s sad because we can all tell that they’re Republicans or Republican-leaning, Independents. It’s deplorable that our nation has reached the point where only Republicans and “Republican Adjacent” people are actually Americans in a way other than legalism.

It’s a truly horrific time when the entirety of the Democrats and all the various fringe groups surrounding them actually hate our nation’s flag, are viscerally offended by its display, and consider anyone and everyone who would wear or display it as a probable domestic terrorist.

It’s sad because I can see no future where Democrats ever stop hating America. It’s sad because I see no future where America isn’t washed in the blood of her People and that of the Democrats and their allies.

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To Our Independence!

On this day 248 years ago, a group, who had the courage to stand up for their freedom, formally declared their independence from a government that was tyrannical, exploitive, and did not serve the interests of the American people.

To Our Independence!

And so we celebrate these brave men and women who were ready, willing, and able to take up arms to secure their independence and birth our nation.

And, as a bonus for we Americans in these times, Independence Day is the one day of the year when we can wear and wave the flag and be openly proud of our nation and People without risking ending up on the Democrats’ FBI’s domestic terrorism watch list. 😉

To Keeping It!

But any form of liberty is always vulnerable. It must be protected and nourished or it will be murdered by those who cannot stand a Free People. So, let us heartily celebrate those who will focus upon keeping our independence from enemies foreign and domestic. Let us salute those who will cast their ballots to Make America Great Again!

To Restoring It!

But, we also must salute those among our People who realize that the Democrats will be very unlikely to abide by our victory at the ballot box.

No, to paraphrase and borrow from Malcom X, 2024 is the year of the ballot or the bullet, and the Democrats, the government agencies, and their media have provided us with more than ample evidence that they – perhaps or even probably again – have little to no intention of allowing any ballot to unseat them from power, especially not if abiding by the vote restored President Trump to his rightful office.

Truly, with all our domestic enemies have done since 2015, how can one simply believe that they’d allow or acknowledge a Trump victory in 2024? With all they’ve called for and threatened, how can any American believe that the Dems will cede power just because they’re actually voted out of office?

Face hard, unpleasant, but evident facts; Democrat power brokers and their lamestream media have spent years hammering home the propaganda that President Trump and the American people are imminent, existential threats to Democracy, and a great number (86%) of their rank and file truly and strongly believe this.

How Dems See President Trump
How Dems See President Trump

Remember, The DNC itself uses the phrase, “Dictator on ‘Day One’” to describe the return of President Trump to office, and a lot on the Left took that to heart. They literally see the restoration of President Trump to office as the death knell of democracy in America.

How far would you go to protect America’s democracy if you believed it was under clear and present threat? The Left is at least as willing as you to go that far and probably farther, given the prevalence of mental illness among them, to protect their vision of America.

So, raise up a joyous noise to our independence! While we have it and while the streets and fields are still unmarred by civil war. Eat, Drink, Fuck, and Be Merry. For tomorrow we kill and die.

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I’m More MAGA Than Ever

I'm More MAGA Than Ever
I’m More MAGA Than Ever
34x More At This Time

That sums it up perfectly. I’m 34x more MAGA than I was before the Democrats’ extreme lawfare and subornation of the judicial system to persecute President Trump and disenfranchise the American voters so that the Dems can “win” another election.

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