Beautiful But Sad

Beautiful But Sad – The Fact That We Can Tell They’re Republicans

The women are beautiful and made a bit more so by being – barely – clothed in the American flag. But it’s also sad. It’s sad because we can all tell that they’re Republicans or Republican-leaning, Independents. It’s deplorable that our nation has reached the point where only Republicans and “Republican Adjacent” people are actually Americans in a way other than legalism.

It’s a truly horrific time when the entirety of the Democrats and all the various fringe groups surrounding them actually hate our nation’s flag, are viscerally offended by its display, and consider anyone and everyone who would wear or display it as a probable domestic terrorist.

It’s sad because I can see no future where Democrats ever stop hating America. It’s sad because I see no future where America isn’t washed in the blood of her People and that of the Democrats and their allies.

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