Curing The Disease

Curing The Disease Will Take Harsh Measures Because The Dems Are A Virulent Plague Upon Our Nation
Curing The Disease Will Take Harsh Measures

COVID-19 or, if you prefer, Coronavirus is not nearly as damaging of a plague as the Congressional Democrats and their voters are. While our President has done his best – and just about as best as any POTUS could – to lead our Nation and People through this largely but not entirely Lamestream Media created crisis, the Dems have been focused on two things: Destroying President Trump, and extending the economic damage they and their media have caused.

Curing the disease is going to take harsher measures than most will find comfortable. And those measures will need to be comprehensive, ground-up actions. If we truly want a great, healthy America, we’re going to have to remove the disease from within the body of our nation.

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In All Fairness …

In All Fairness
In All Fairness, This Is Apt And True

That pretty much sums up our response to the Democrats’ coup attempt. We, the People – the true-born and rightly-raised American patriots – will never believe anything that our domestic enemies say because they lack any sort of credibility due to their insanity, hatred towards America, and rank a putrid hypocrisy.

Again though, these Democrats are thankful for-, reliant upon-, and profiteering off our our apathy, ennui, and boredom with their antics. If we weren’t, most of them and their families would most likely already be causalities of the coming war.

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Contextual Law & Crime

Contextual Law & Crime
Contextual Law & Crime

Apparently, the very concept of law and crime is contextual in what passes for the minds of Democrats. But then, those sorts fully believe that the law, like anything else, means whatever they want it to mean at that moment.

But hey! These are the sorts of enemies that don’t even include “high crimes and misdemeanors” in their bullshit-tastic Article of Impeachment and who claim that they don’t need to do so. So, we all know what they’re really about – a coup, a coup that started the moment that Donald Trump became in their eyes a serious contender for the 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination.

Then the real context of the Democrats views on law and crime is based solely upon political party, identity politics, and overturning the legal results of the 2016 Presidential Election.

But oh how they’d scream and gnash their teeth is we, the American People applied context to law and crime, declaring that it is no crime if it is an by an American upon a Democrat or likely Democrat …

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Make Them Cry Again

Make Them Cry Again
Make Them Cry Again

Possibly the best hat ever! And, to me at least, it’s utterly unsurprising that it’s currently sold out. Between the vast number of American patriots and the recurring violent hatred displayed by the Left towards “red hats,” it makes sense to me that this item would be hard to keep on the shelves.

So yes! Make them cry bitter tears of loss, despair, and dispossession! Wash our nation clean in a flood of their tears.

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Many Reasons For Thanks

We American Men Have A Lot To Be Thankful For

Since it’s Thanksgiving, here are 27 of the 70 million or so reasons – it’s a very rough approximation – why American men should be thankful. And yes, every American man should be thankful for the beautiful women of our heartland, those country girls who’ve done their blessed best to keep the spark of American greatness alive.

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