Another July 4th

Another July 4th
Another July 4th

Yes, a little known fact is the 4th of July isn’t just America’s Independence Day; it’s also Philippine Republic Day, also known as Philippine–American Friendship Day, the day that the Philippines got its belated independence from the US. So, Maligayang araw ng kalayaan Pilipinas! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

And no; I don’t find this awkward at all. We conquered the Philippines in 1898 for valid political-economic reasons, but by 1935 we were moving them towards independence. They probably would have had it in 1941 or ’42… but the Japanese invaded. 🙄 But, pretty much as soon as WW2 ended in the Pacific, they got it.

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Independence Day 2023

Let This Be America’s Next Independence Day

In these perilous times, when our nation and our people are under constant threat from enemies both foreign and domestic – with the greater threat and greater depravity coming from our domestic foes – this is a 4th of July that the true-born and rightly-raise citizenry of the United States of America must adhere to and discharge our Responsibilities, which come attached to our Constitutionally enumerated Rights. We all have an ordained duty to make this America’s next Independence Day.

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July 4th Celebration

July 4th Celebration

It’s the 4th of July. Here’s hoping every true-born and rightly-raised citizen of our country – and loyal, legal immigrant residents – has a celebration at least this beautiful.

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National Grillin' Day

The 4th Is Also National Grillin’ Day

The 4th of July isn’t just Independence Day. It’s also, unofficially but truly in general practice, national grillin’ day, when people of all sorts and stripes either grill or attend cookouts where someone is grillin’.

I, personally think that the grillin’ is the best part, or damn close to it, of the 4th’s celebrations. But then, I grill at least once a week, almost every week of year. Well, that and I’m not a fan of night filled with fireworks.

Some Bits Of Advice

One, while the grill is far, far, far more often than not a Man’s Zone, if you can find a woman who loves grillin’, Put. A. Ring. On. Her. Wife her right the fuck up!

Two, do not be that asshole. If your woman pre-prepped all the meats and vegetables, possibly including deciding upon and applying the marinades and/or rubs; and/or she made all the sides, desserts, and whatnot, DO. NOT. TAKE. CREDIT. FOR. THIS FEAST! It was a joint venture, one in which she did the bulk of the work, leaving you to apply your specific skillset to properly applying fire and smoke to food. Both in your own mind and in response to any compliments you get, make this clear.

Trust me in this, Gentlemen; not only will the above advice prevent you from being that asshole – and we all know or know of at least one of them – it will be to your direct benefit to heed me in this.

Carry on! I’m off to get my coals started.

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America The Beautiful


America The Beautiful
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America The Beautiful, one of the truest and most loved of our patriotic music – though, obviously one derided and spurned by our domestic enemies, is, alongside The Star Spangled Banner, a favorite for this day, the 4th of July, and the anniversary of the difficult and bloody birth of our nation and our people’s liberation from tyranny.

But, despite the ugliness and even uglier rhetoric and strongly held beliefs of the enemies within our borders, America is beautiful. From Southeastern swamps to Northwestern rainforests; from Northeastern bogs to Southwestern deserts; America is filled with beauty and beautiful people.

Indeed, the one good that our enemies unintentionally provide is that the ugliness of the these weeds points out and draws attention to the splendor of the roses in our nation’s collective garden. Hence, like tares sown by the enemy throughout our amber fields of grain, perhaps they should be left until the upcoming harvest before being gathered and destroyed.

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