Ask Yourself WWDD

Ask Yourself WWDD

In these times, with the anniversary of our nation’s birth cry around the corner and an important midterm election on the horizon, every American patriot needs to ask themselves WWDD? As in What Would Donald Do?

That is the question of these times. How can each of us celebrate both our nation and the hard-fought, seemingly unattainable victories that President Trump secured for us, the American people, while still maintaining the fight against our domestic enemies, who are hell-bent to reject those victories and continue their fight to destroy both America and the White Race?

Loyalty, Patriotism, Beauty

And yes, we also need to ask ourselves WWDD while maintaining the archetype of the Happy Warrior. Hence, the 27 beautiful, loyal, patriotic babes who are joyous in their lives and pride depicted above.

So be of good cheer and happy character, even as you bring the fight to the Left and those sorts that they pander to and enable. To do this is not only better for you and your fellow patriots, it’s the worst thing for our enemies, who hate any sign of joy in Americans. 😉

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